Reminder for National Safe Boating Week

(18 hours ago)

During National Safe Boating Week from May 21-27, boaters are encouraged to have fun and be safe on the water this summer. All boaters should wear a life jacket, never boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs, have a float plan to let someone know where you'll be boating, and check the weather forecast before and during your boating adventure. Read more


E-BLAST (May 13): Gov. Wolf visits Lansdale

(May 13, 2022)

This week, Governor Tom Wolf joined me and Senator Maria Collett in Lansdale as we discussed the need to support our most vulnerable neighbors. Read more


E-BLAST (April 28): Investments in Franconia, Hatfield, Lansdale

(Apr 28, 2022)

It’s my job to make sure our tax dollars come back to our neighborhoods, and I’m proud to announce some great investments in several community projects. Read more


State lawmakers demand action on PA Fertility Act

(Apr 26, 2022)

“I joined my colleagues on the Capitol steps today because we want to make it possible for the 1.5 million people in PA who could use medical assistance to start a family start receiving it,” said Malagari, who counts himself among that number. “If the PA Fertility Act is passed, it would change lives. PA residents could start a family now, without emptying their life savings or risking bankruptcy. Starting a family would no longer depend on how much money you have in your bank account or where you are employed.” Read more


Malagari announces $2 million in funding for Souderton Mennonite Homes

(Apr 22, 2022)

“I’m proud to see state dollars headed back to our community for this important project to help renovate living spaces as well as provide more effective common spaces and amenities for residents,” Malagari said. Read more


Malagari announces $2.5M in funding for North Penn YMCA

(Apr 22, 2022)

“Working alongside local stakeholders, we were able to see the lack of indoor gymnasium space as well as the potential benefits of providing it for our community,” Malagari said. “After writing a letter of support, detailing the benefits this project could create – including advancing many of the valuable programs already taking place at the North Penn YMCA – I’m pleased to see the state has earmarked funds to make this project a reality.” Read more


E-BLAST (April 22): Progress on 309 Connector project

(Apr 22, 2022)

In this week's community update, learn about the latest on the 309 Connector project, how you can get involved in our district, and upcoming events. Read more


Malagari announces $1.88M for Liberty Bell Trail improvements

(Apr 20, 2022)

“Our community has the potential to develop one of the most-used and significant multi-use trails in the region, with the ultimate goal of connecting the Liberty Bell Trail to miles of other trails, including the Schuylkill River Trail in Norristown,” Malagari said. “The potential for connecting communities and providing walkers, runners and cyclists with the opportunity to add a recreational option in our backyard is the reason I have worked for about two years with local stakeholders on this valuable project.” Read more


Malagari announces $24K grant to improve safety, security

(Apr 14, 2022)

“The importance of protecting the religious freedom of people to worship how they wish peacefully in Pennsylvania predates statehood and creation of the United States, going back to the colonial time and William Penn,” Malagari said. “Following the mass shooting that occurred in the state at a synagogue in Squirrel Hill, this grant program was created to help nonprofits and faith-based organizations improve safety and security against acts of hate and violence. Although it’s unfortunate these measures need to be taken, I’m pleased to see funds dedicated to protecting neighbors, friends and loved ones.” Read more


E-BLAST (April 7): My office can help with SEPTA Key Senior Cards

(Apr 07, 2022)

In this week's e-blast, find info on how to file your taxes free online as well as information on how my office can help you ride for free with SEPTA Key ID Cards. Read more


Malagari to host Real ID Town Hall Thursday

(Mar 21, 2022)

“The pandemic has caused multiple postponements to the enforcement date for Real ID, which has contributed to some confusion,” Malagari said. “We’re hosting this town hall to provide residents the information they need to know if they have a trip planned in the future.” Read more


E-BLAST (March 17): Collecting humanity aid for Ukraine

(Mar 17, 2022)

My office is collecting donations to help the Ukraine Humanitarian Aid this week. You can also learn more about my upcoming events. Read more


Malagari introduces bill to position region as hub for research, industry

(Mar 14, 2022)

“An important aspect of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is the emphasis and funding placed on the research, development and transmission of clean energy,” Malagari said. “The act stipulates for $8 billion in funding to be provided over five years to four regional hubs for the production of clean hydrogen, including research hubs developing technologies aimed at decarbonization and clean energy.” Read more


Rep. Malagari's winter 2022 newsletter

(Mar 08, 2022)

Find details on my upcoming free events, state programs to help residents and more in my latest newsletter. Read more


E-BLAST (March 2): PACE/PACENET expand eligibility

(Mar 02, 2022)

I presented former Fire Chief of Fairmount Joe Stockert with a citation for his dedication to our community. Also, find out what fire companies have been approved for state grants, and learn more about PACE/PACENET -- the prescription assistance program for older adults. Read more


E-BLAST (Feb. 17): PA needs to invest in future, education

(Feb 16, 2022)

Pennsylvania has a historic budget surplus and the potential to invest in the future to help improve our workforce and our economy. Read more


Malagari announces more than $100K in grants for EMS, volunteer fire companies

(Feb 11, 2022)

“Finding the funds needed for our volunteer firefighters, EMS and first responders remains a top priority for my office,” Malagari said. “The number of first responders in Pennsylvania has experienced a sharp decline since the 1970s, yet the job has never been more important. The pandemic has created a greater need for EMS, but it has also complicated fundraising efforts, so I’m proud to see this money awarded to the people who provide our district with invaluable services.” Read more


E-BLAST (Feb. 9): Join my online tax town hall Thursday night

(Feb 09, 2022)

If you have tax questions, log on to my virtual tax town hall Thursday night. You can find it on Facebook Live or by dialing in. Read more


E-BLAST (Jan. 27): Harrisburg update: Lansdale, Souderton awarded grants

(Jan 27, 2022)

Learn more about what's being done in Harrisburg to help health care workers and what I'm doing to draw attention to safe staffing in this week's community update. Read more


Malagari announces $82,500 in grants

(Jan 25, 2022)

“Working closely with local officials to identify important needs, it became clear our area could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency management capabilities, as well as take measures to improve roadway safety,” Malagari said. Read more