2022 Summer Newsletter

(Sep 21, 2022)

This year’s budget is historic, to say the least. I proudly voted for the most significant increases in education funding ever seen in Pennsylvania. Basic Education funding gets a $750 million increase, of which $525 million will be distributed through the Fair Funding Formula. This is a major step forward in ensuring the next generation gets the education they need and deserve. Read more


Malagari celebrates Dr. Boston memorialization

(Sep 15, 2022)

“Our community owes a lot to Dr. Boston because the institutions that he created still exist today and still serve our community,” Malagari said. “Remembering him and memorializing this stretch highway in his name are but small gestures that allow us to keep the legacy of his work, his tenacity, and his dedication, alive.” Read more


E-Blast: Summer Intern Edition - Part 2

(Sep 08, 2022)

Today’s E-newsletter was written by one of our summer interns! Benton spent the summer in our Lansdale office. Read more


Malagari applauds $250,000 grant for Whistlestop Park

(Sep 08, 2022)

“I am happy our efforts have paid off,” Malagari said. “Along with myself, many people have been writing letters and advocating to ensure this public space gets the renovations it needs. This project will have an immeasurable impact on the health and recreational wellbeing of our local residents.” Read more


E-Blast: Summer Intern Edition

(Aug 16, 2022)

Today’s E-blast was written by one of our summer interns! Umme is a North Penn alum and interned this summer in our Lansdale office. Read more


E-BLAST (August 4): Around the 53rd District

(Aug 04, 2022)

It was an honor to meet Vice President Kamala Harris on her visit to Pennsylvania to represent our communities as she discussed the issues facing our Commonwealth. Read more


Malagari presents Souderton Area For All with $1,500 check

(Jul 22, 2022)

“I’m really proud of what everyone out here is working toward,” Malagari said. “It’s great to see the community come together to ensure everyone feels welcome. These celebrations really show our LGBTQ+ neighbors that Souderton is a place they can show their pride.” Read more


Hatfield Township receives state grant for traffic signal upgrade

(Jul 13, 2022)

LANSDALE, July 13 – State Rep. Steve Malagari today said Hatfield Township has been awarded a $354,240 grant from the state to upgrade the traffic signal at Route 309 and Unionville Pike. "I am pleased to see the state partnering with local communities on infrastructure upgrades that promote safety and modernization,” Malagari said. “The maintenance and upgrade of this signal will make traveling through this busy intersection more efficient, and certainly safer for drivers.” The funding was awarded through the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s Green Light-Go program. Program funds can be used for light-emitting diode (LED) technology installation, traffic signal retiming, developing special event plans and monitoring traffic signals as well as upgrading traffic signals to the latest technologies. Read more


Malagari applauds funding for Hatfield housing programs

(Jun 29, 2022)

HARRISBURG, June 29 – State Rep. Steve Malagari announced today that two projects in Hatfield will receive funding to expand affordable housing for those in need. “Affordable, quality housing is essential for Pennsylvania families to grow and succeed,” said Malagari, D-Montgomery. “This funding will strengthen the institutions in our community that support our citizens facing extraordinary circumstances.” The Susie Clemens House will receive $194,218 to continue the build-out of the Advanced Living Derstine Run community in Hatfield. This project includes adding 60 affordable one-bedroom apartments to the site, 45 of which will serve seniors 55 and older. Fifteen of the apartments will be targeted to adults with disabilities, including developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. Habitat for Humanity Montgomery and Delaware County will receive an additional $200,000, which is needed to complete four homes on Cowpath Road in Hatfield. These homes will be two sets of duplexes that will go to families making less than the average medium income in the area. The funding comes from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund, or PHARE, which was established to provide for the delivery of state and federal funds, as well as funds from other sources, to help create, rehabilitate and support affordable housing for all throughout Read more


Malagari stands with striking beer workers

(Jun 23, 2022)

HARRISBURG, June 22 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, expressed support for the workers of the Delaware Valley Importing Distributors Association, who are demanding better hours, wages and benefits. Malagari previously worked in the wholesale beverage industry and is a past member of Teamsters Local 830, which bolstered the picket line at Penn Beer to back those striking against three large beer distributers across the Delaware Valley. “I am proud to support every working person who is fighting for better wages and working conditions,” Malagari said. “As a former wholesale beverage seller in this area who worked alongside these hardworking Pennsylvanians, this cause is personal to me; workers deserve livable wages and reasonable schedules.” According to Malagari, Teamsters Local 830 is protesting the current work schedules, which require 12-hour days, five to six days a week. In addition to reasonable working hours, the union is negotiating an adequate wage increase that keeps up with inflation, as well as health benefits that cover worker’s families. Malagari said that he will continue to support the union in its efforts, as these workers are the driving force behind the beverage companies’ operations and success. Read more


Malagari announces $100,000 in funding for Indian Creek Foundation

(Jun 22, 2022)

HARRISBURG, June 22 – State Rep. Steve Malagari announced today that $100,000 is being awarded to Indian Creek Foundation to support neighbors with special needs who live in Montgomery and Bucks counties. “The availability of quality affordable housing is something that helps families and the economy grow and should be within reach for everyone in every community across the commonwealth,” said Malagari, D-Montgomery. “These dollars will help hundreds of our neighbors who deal with extraordinary circumstances remain independent and homeowners.” Indian Creek Foundation operates 23 residential care homes that serve the daily needs of more than 100 adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Many of these individuals also have mobility issues due to aging or physical conditions which severely limit their ability to move freely about their homes for routine activities. This public project will renovate and repair six houses to maintain appropriate living conditions for those with disabilities who desire to maintain their residence. The funding comes from the Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund, or PHARE, which was established to provide for the delivery of state and federal funds, as well as funds from other sources, to help create, rehabilitate and support affordable housing for all throughout Pennsylvania. More information about the PHARE program can be found on Read more


Malagari pleased measure honoring Godshall passed the PA House unanimously

(Jun 08, 2022)

“I’m so pleased language I originally introduced in 2021 has been included in the bill that passed this week to honor former state Representative Robert W. Godshall,” Malagari said. “I am so fortunate to occupy the seat once held by Representative Godshall, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how his life of service continues to have a positive effect on the people and communities in Montgomery County.” Read more


Malagari votes for bill that would honor local resident

(Jun 07, 2022)

“I was proud to cast a vote in favor of this bill that will honor an important local resident,” Malagari said. “In a life defined by service to his country and community, after serving as a medical officer during World War I, Dr. Boston founded a hospital in Lansdale –which is now known as the Jefferson Lansdale Hospital – as well as a first aid emergency squad eventually called the Volunteer Medical Service Corps, which remains active in the North Penn region." Read more


E-BLAST (June 7): Free shred event Saturday, June 11

(Jun 07, 2022)

It's been an eventful couple of days. Catch up on the latest gatherings and events I attended throughout the community. Read more


Malagari to co-host free drive-through shred event June 11 in Hatfield

(Jun 03, 2022)

“I’m excited to be able to team up with Senator Maria Collett to offer this valuable free event for Montgomery County residents,” Malagari said. “We all know how big of an issue identity theft has become, and shred events remain popular with residents hoping to safely dispose of any paper documents that might contain sensitive personal information.” Read more


E-BLAST (May 26): The legislation to stop gun violence is there, and the time to act is NOW

(May 26, 2022)

As people, as Americans, as family members and friends, we extend our deepest condolences to those affected by the heartbreaking and horrific events in Uvalde, Texas, this week. Read more


Reminder for National Safe Boating Week

(May 20, 2022)

During National Safe Boating Week from May 21-27, boaters are encouraged to have fun and be safe on the water this summer. All boaters should wear a life jacket, never boat while impaired by alcohol or drugs, have a float plan to let someone know where you'll be boating, and check the weather forecast before and during your boating adventure. Read more


E-BLAST (May 13): Gov. Wolf visits Lansdale

(May 13, 2022)

This week, Governor Tom Wolf joined me and Senator Maria Collett in Lansdale as we discussed the need to support our most vulnerable neighbors. Read more


E-BLAST (April 28): Investments in Franconia, Hatfield, Lansdale

(Apr 28, 2022)

It’s my job to make sure our tax dollars come back to our neighborhoods, and I’m proud to announce some great investments in several community projects. Read more


Malagari announces $2 million in funding for Souderton Mennonite Homes

(Apr 22, 2022)

“I’m proud to see state dollars headed back to our community for this important project to help renovate living spaces as well as provide more effective common spaces and amenities for residents,” Malagari said. Read more