Steele highlights grants to invest in recreation, conservation

(Jan 16, 2024)

“With these grants from the Gaming Economic Development Tourism Fund and the Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program, we make investments in the community,” Steele said. “By funding projects such as the Hilltop Hose Company No. 3, we have the opportunity to support our first responders, allowing them to better serve our community.” Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Jan. 16

(Jan 16, 2024)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Jan. 16 Read more


Steele to open second district office, in Tarentum 

(Jan 09, 2024)

“Opening this district office in Tarentum will make my staff and I more accessible to residents in the upper half of our community, which includes Tarentum, Brackenridge, Fawn, and Harrison,” Steele said. “I look forward to continuing to serve the residents of the 33rd Legislative District at my district office in Cheswick and now, Tarentum, as well.” Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Jan. 9

(Jan 09, 2024)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Jan. 9 Read more


Rep. Steele's January 2024 Newsletter

(Jan 08, 2024)

January 2024 Newsletter Read more


Grants available as of Wednesday, Jan. 3

(Jan 03, 2024)

Grants available as of Wednesday, Jan. 3 Read more


More than $6.6 million awarded for water, sewer projects

(Dec 19, 2023)

“With these grants, we will have the opportunity to address infrastructure issues with water supplies, sewer systems, and stormwater management,” Steele said. “These grants, awarded by CFA through funding from ARPA, will assist residents in Fawn, Frazer, Harrison, East Deer, Harmar and Indiana townships and Brackenridge, Cheswick, Springdale, and Tarentum boroughs.” Read more


Repair of Brackenridge sinkhole delayed until state funding comes through

(Dec 14, 2023)

Connelly said state Rep. Mandy Steele, D-Fox Chapel, and state Sen. Lindsey Williams, D-Natrona Heights, have been working to obtain the grants for the project. Read more


Steele responds to injunction regarding Cheswick Power Station implosion

(Dec 12, 2023)

“While the plaintiffs and defendants such as CPERG, Grant Mackay Co., Controlled Demolition Inc. and others work toward a resolution to continue with the implosion, I will work closely with constituents and the Department of Environmental Protection to ensure that the implosion safely occurs,” Steele said. “To address these issues, I will aim to implement regulations to protect Pennsylvanians’ health from contamination at toxic sites, specifically regarding coal demolition sites, through legislation.” Read more


Tarentum, Cheswick eyeing regional riverfront development

(Dec 12, 2023)

“When we look at the county as a whole, the place of logical expansion and growth is the Allegheny Valley,” Steele said. “The historically vibrant communities of the Valley have proximity to the city and East End via our newly improved section of Route 28, excellent housing stock and lie entirely along an especially beautiful stretch of the Allegheny River. Our immediate downstream neighbors are experiencing a revitalization, and the key to building upon that growth is the river.” Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Dec. 12

(Dec 12, 2023)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Dec. 12 Read more


Steele to recognize veterans at upcoming luncheon

(Dec 06, 2023)

“This luncheon provides my staff and I with an opportunity to recognize the brave veterans that fought for our freedom in the U.S. Armed Forces,” Steele said. “By hosting this luncheon, we may express our gratitude, but also connect veterans with state services available to them.” Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Dec. 5

(Dec 05, 2023)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Dec. 5 Read more


Pa. State Representative out of Allegheny County introduces two food safety bills aimed at restaurants

(Dec 05, 2023)

"Nearly 50 percent of deaths caused by food allergies occurred at restaurants," Rep. Venkat said. "To prevent such deaths, we must improve food safety at restaurants by increasing awareness about food allergies and ensuring restaurants have staff available with the necessary knowledge to avoid cross-contamination, and asking customers to notify restaurants about any food allergies they may have." Read more


Steele to host luncheon for seniors

(Nov 27, 2023)

“By hosting this luncheon, my district office staff will have the opportunity to provide seniors with a meal to nourish them, as well as provide information on state services,” Steele said. “My staff looks forward to meeting seniors that reside in the 33rd Legislative District.” Read more


DEP fines companies involved in implosion of smokestacks at former Springdale power plant

(Nov 17, 2023)

State Rep. Mandy Steele, D-Fox Chapel, said that when the chimneys were imploded, her office quickly received calls from constituents in the area. She said she called in the DEP to investigate. Read more


Pa. House passes bill to give striking workers unemployment pay

(Nov 17, 2023)

“Employers can hire replacement workers, but striking workers must deal with the crushing financial burdens,” said Rep. Mandy Steele, D-Allegheny County, the bill’s primary sponsor. “This is not putting a thumb on the scale in negotiations, rather this is to balance the scale.” Read more


State House passes bill making locked-out and striking workers eligible for unemployment compensation

(Nov 16, 2023)

“These are public benefits that should be there for workers when they take the extraordinary step of going on strike. They need support just like any other worker,” said Steele, who noted that her own family with four young children once was on strike for nine months. She called the bill “a critical piece of legislation that levels the playing field during a strike.” Read more


House advances legislation for workers affected by a work stoppage

(Nov 15, 2023)

“I introduced this legislation to provide financial relief for striking workers, such as those who have been on strike for more than a year at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,” Steele said. “With more than 67% of Americans supporting unions and strikes on the rise, we must support our union members, which are the backbone of the labor industry in Allegheny County, our commonwealth and our nation. By passing this legislation, we show solidarity with those on strike by allowing them to collect unemployment compensation benefits.” Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Nov. 14

(Nov 14, 2023)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Nov. 14 Read more