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Safety, Housing, Environmental, and Redevelopment Funding Opportunities

(Sep 12, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: COVID Mitigation for Counties Who May Apply : This funding is available to 66 Pennsylvania counties. Each county’s Criminal Justice Advisory Board will be responsible for coordinating the application for their county and local confinement facilities, as funding is limited to that purpose. Use : Per the requirements of the CDC’s award, this grant has 15 allowable activities which are designed to detect, diagnose, trace, and monitor SARS–CoV–2 and COVID–19 infections, and mitigate the spread of COVID–19 in confinement facilities. These activities include hiring personnel related to testing/mitigation efforts, purchasing laboratory equipment used for COVID-19 testing, purchasing supplies, test kits, and other tools related to rapid identification of COVID-19, contracting with testing agencies, purchasing software and technology to track COVID-19, and other related activities. Funds : A total of $9,624,626 is available to 66 counties. Application Deadline : September 19, 2023 More information : PCCD Website Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: 2024-25 Medical Marijuana Act Enforcement Who May Apply : Eligibility for these funds is open to municipalities and regional police departments proposing to implement projects and programs Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application (09/05/2023)

(Sep 05, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Regional Policing Assistance Program Who May Apply: Applicants for the Regional Policing Assistance Program may be any municipality – a city, borough, township, home-rule municipality, or county. Applicants may also be a public or quasi-public body, or its representative, duly authorized to act on behalf of one or more municipalities. All applications must be accompanied by fully executed Articles of Agreement or an Intergovernmental Agreement that establishes a Regional Police Department. Use: Funding will support efforts in establishing or expanding regional police departments that would improve the following: uniformity and consistency of enforcement across municipalities; recruitment; distribution and deployment of police personnel; training and personnel efficiency; career enhancement opportunities; enhanced professionalism; and reduction of costs. Funds: A total of approximately $1,000,000 in federal funds is being announced to support this initiative. Applicants may apply for up to $150,000 for the formation of a new regional police department or up to $50,000 for the expansion of an existing regional police department by adding a chartered municipality(ies). Application Deadline: September 6, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Legal Standing Video Read more


Transportation, Safety, Housing, and Redevelopment Opportunities

(Aug 21, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development: Keystone Communities Program Who May Apply : Units of local government, redevelopment and/or housing authorities, nonprofit organizations to include economic development organizations, housing corporations, etc., community development corporations, business improvement districts, neighborhood improvement districts, and similar organizations incorporated as authorities. Use : Multiple uses, including: Planning grants (address a particular need or circumstance within a community, undertake a study relevant to an identified need, or study the results of implementing a specific activity) Implementation grants (assist designated KC program communities in implementing critical components of their approved Five-Year Strategy) Façade grants (to stimulate private investment in properties, foster an attractive environment, and preserve the architectural heritage of properties and communities. The grant funds may be used for primary street-facing, exterior building improvements in a defined target area of a downtown or neighborhood such as storefront signs, exterior façade painting, design assistance, etc.) Development grants (available to fund a variety of physical improvements, see program guidelines for full list) Public improvement grants (available to assist communities in a variety of development projects to help Read more


National Night Out, Teamsters Win, Contractors Wanted, and more!

(Aug 01, 2023)

National Night Out, Teamsters Win, Contractors Wanted, and more! Read more


Infrastructure, Housing, Transportation, and Safety Funding Opportunities

(Jul 05, 2023)

Below are several grant programs that are currently open for applications. PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Historical & Museum Commission: Cultural and Historical Support Grant Program Who May Apply: Museums that are in Pennsylvania with annual operating budgets exceeding $100,000 (excluding capital and in-kind services) and at least one full-time professional staff person and that are not supported by other state agency funding programs and official County Historical Societies designated as the official historical society for the county. Use: The goal of this program is to strengthen Pennsylvania’s museums and allow applicants to determine how to use funds for operating expenses. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, salaries, benefits, insurance, food service, travel, professional development, marketing, and equipment. Funds: Grant awards range from $2,500 to $65,000. Application Deadline: November 7, 2023 More information: PHMC Website Department of Community and Economic Development: Pennsylvania Strategic Investments to Enhance Sites (PA SITES) Program Who May Apply: Municipality, Economic Development Organization, Redevelopment Authorities, Municipal Authorities, Industrial Development Agencies. For-profit businesses are not eligible to apply for the PA SITES Program. However, an eligible applicant may apply for a site owned and controlled by the Read more


Pa. House passes Kinkead bill to guarantee college credit transfers

(Jun 26, 2023)

Legislation to help community college students advances Read more


Kinkead: PSEA calls for universal school meals

(Jun 14, 2023)

Joins 20 school districts in supporting bills to provide free school meals Read more


Kinkead bill to reform Allegheny County land banks passes PA House

(Jun 12, 2023)

Legislation to help restore blighted, abandoned properties Read more


PA lawmakers form Progressive Caucus

(May 23, 2023)

Focusing on prioritizing people over profit, fighting social inequality Read more


Establishing the Coal and Clay Mine Subsidence and Landslide Insurance and Assistance Program

(May 18, 2023)

Legislation to Help Landslide Victims Read more


DCNR Training Opportunities -- May 2023

(May 01, 2023)

DCNR Training Opportunities -- May 2023 Read more


DCNR Funding Opportunities -- May 2023

(May 01, 2023)

DCNR Funding Opportunities -- May 2023 Read more


Workforce Development, Infrastructure, and Housing Funding Opportunities

(Apr 13, 2023)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry: DEI in the Building and Construction Trades Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : Organizations that serve as sponsors or intermediaries of Registered Apprenticeship and/or Pre-Apprenticeship in the building and construction trades. Use : To develop diverse talent pipelines and reach underrepresented populations within the building and construction trades. Funds : $1 million in total program funding. Application Deadline : April 26, 2023 More Information : Click on https://www.dli.pa.gov/Businesses/Workforce-Development/grants/Pages/default.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT): Public-Private Partnerships (P3) Program (Funding Source: State, Federal, & Private Funding) Who May Apply : Private companies. Use : To develop innovative ways to deliver transportation projects across a variety of modes including roads, bridges, rail, aviation, and ports. Funds : Varies by award. Application Deadline : April 30, 2023 More Information : Click on https://www.penndot.pa.gov/ProjectAndPrograms/p3forpa/Pages/default.aspx . Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry: Youth Reentry Grant (Funding Source: General Fund) Who May Apply : Read more


Kinkead rebukes Sen. Martin for dismissing food insecurity

(Mar 28, 2023)

Condemns statement as callous to hungry Pennsylvanians Read more


Kinkead celebrates ‘Public Defender Day’ in Pittsburgh

(Mar 17, 2023)

“The right to counsel is a fundamental right, essential to a fair trial and due process of law,” said Kinkead. “Our public defenders ensure that our criminal justice system works as it is supposed to – with quality representation on both sides – but that only happens if the government does its part in properly funding our public defense. Allegheny County is the second most populous county in the state, with a criminal caseload to match, and yet until very recently had some of the lowest paid public defenders in our Commonwealth because our state has shifted the burden of paying for this constitutional right to our counties for far too long.” Read more


Kinkead urges Shapiro to provide free school meals in state budget

(Mar 13, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 13 – State Rep. Emily Kinkead sent a letter to Gov. Josh Shapiro today requesting his support for state budget initiatives guaranteeing no child in the Pennsylvania public school system will go hungry during the time they are supposed to be learning. “The federal pandemic programs guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch in schools over the past three years demonstrated the immense benefits of providing free school meals,” said Kinkead. “Why stop now? Learning minds require nutrition whether a pandemic is happening or not. We have the money, and we know it benefits both educators and students in our schools. This is a real opportunity to permanently improve all Pennsylvania schools and it would be foolish not to pursue it.” In the letter, Kinkead thanked Shapiro for highlighting food insecurity in his budget address but was adamant she believes his proposal does not go far enough to address child hunger. Most notably, where Shapiro included free breakfast in his budget proposal, she is requesting an estimated $275 million be added to the state budget to provide universal free school meals – breakfast and lunch – to all K-12 students in Pennsylvania public schools. She is also requesting an additional $30 million increase to the state’s supplement for the community eligibility programs and $25 million to be used to retire student lunch debt across the Commonwealth. “Altogether, this request Read more


K-12 Universal Free Meals Budget Support Request

(Mar 13, 2023)

State Rep. Emily Kinkead sent a letter to Gov. Josh Shapiro today requesting his support for state budget initiatives guaranteeing no child in the Pennsylvania public school system will go hungry during the time they are supposed to be learning. Read more


Kinkead: 2 million Pennsylvanians face ‘hunger cliff’

(Feb 27, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Feb. 27 – State Rep. Emily Kinkead, D-Allegheny, called for increasing outreach and expanding public food resources at a legislative lunch and learn hosted by the Pennsylvania Hunger Action Coalition at the state Capitol today. “Inflating food prices over the past year, coupled with the end of federal pandemic programs, will be devastating for many low-income families in the Commonwealth,” said Kinkead. “Whether it’s connecting people to community food banks or state programs like the Senior Food Box, we need to do more to ensure food insecure Pennsylvanians can pay their grocery bills and access adequate nutrition.” According to the PHAC, more than 300,000 Pennsylvania seniors are eligible for the existing Pennsylvania Senior Food Box , but only about 35,000 are enrolled to receive it this year. Kinkead said spreading awareness about the underutilized program could be one way to provide relief to the many Pennsylvanians heading toward a “hunger cliff.” Kinkead emphasized more than 1.8 million Pennsylvanians are enrolled in SNAP and that beneficiary households are expected to receive about $180 less per month, expressing concern that existing programs and resources may be overwhelmed by the increased demand. “Hunger doesn’t always look like a person holding a cardboard sign; it often looks like a parent working full-time on minimum wage or a young student becoming disruptive in class because they Read more


Kinkead announces $750,000 for Northland Public Library

(Feb 24, 2023)

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 24 – A state grant of $750,000 has been awarded to Northland Public Library Authority, which serves residents of the 20th Legislative District, state Rep. Emily Kinkead announced today. “Libraries make knowledge accessible to everyone,” said Kinkead. “Because they are free to access, they grant low-income families in every community entry to a wealth of educational resources, as well as tools to access government programs and apply for jobs. Tax dollars invested in public libraries pay dividends by expanding opportunities for everyone, and I will continue advocating for investments from the state to help our libraries grow so that they can continue to help our communities thrive.” The grants pay up to 50% of eligible costs in planning, acquisition, construction and rehabilitation of public libraries. Examples of fundable projects include but are not limited to: ADA upgrades, roof improvements, replacement windows, energy efficient upgrades to HVAC systems, facility expansion and new construction. More than $4 million was awarded to 21 public libraries across the state through this round of the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Keystone Grants for Public Library Facilities. Read more


Partner4Work awarded $260,000 grant to grow nursing career opportunities

(Feb 23, 2023)

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 23 – Regional workforce development organization Partner4Work will receive a $260,000 grant through the state Department of Labor & Industry’s Nursing Pathway Apprenticeship Industry Partnership, members of the state House Allegheny County Democratic Delegation announced today. Reflecting on the recent House Democratic Policy Committee hearing in McCandless addressing critical health care staffing issues, state Rep. Nick Pisciottano, the delegation chair, said the investment will play a significant role in filling the employment void hospitals and care providers have been facing since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. “While this is an important investment from the state, it’s just a drop in the bucket,” said Pisciottano. “There is a colossal shortage of health care workers right now, and fixing this problem is going to require a more aggressive pursuit of policy reforms and funding initiatives at all levels.” Through its Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, P4W will use Nursing Pathway Apprenticeship Industry Partnership grant funding to establish health care partnerships, expand community outreach between employers and potential workers, and promote apprenticeship opportunities in the health care industry, specifically preparing individuals for careers as licensed professional nurses and certified nursing assistants. The grant program is part of the COVID-19 Nursing Workforce Read more