Supporting Our Families

(May 09, 2023)

The annual report, recent newsletter, and descriptions of Family Promise staff and board of directors for Policy Committee roundtable and tour on May 10, 2023. Read more


2023 Disability Summit Morning Legislative Panel Materials

(May 09, 2023)

2023 Disability Summit Morning Legislative Panel Materials Read more


Policy roundtable explores link between historical preservation and economic development

(May 09, 2023)

The House Majority Policy Committee convened a roundtable discussion in Montgomery County Tuesday morning to explore how historical preservation can increase tourism and drive economic development. Read more


Policy hearing details need for cyber, charter school reform

(May 08, 2023)

“I have never been shy about saying exactly what is going on, and our current system is taxpayer thievery that has devastated homeowners and local businesses,” said hearing host Rep. Tarah Probst, who represents portions of Monroe and Pike counties. “In the past it has gone unnoticed, and we have had public officials blame increasing school budgets on teachers’ unions. In reality, the reimbursement formula – which isn’t based on actual costs – allows for overinflated tuition payments to cyber and charter schools and has driven school budget increases. We need to reform the law so all schools fall under the same rules.” Read more


Cyber & Charter School Reform

(May 08, 2023)

Submitted testimony from testifiers at the Monday, May, 8, 2023 Policy Committee hearing. Read more


Testifiers detail challenges facing emergency management services in PA

(May 05, 2023)

The House Majority Policy Committee convened a hearing Friday morning in Delaware County to discuss emergency management services in Pennsylvania and the daily challenges facing these first responders. Read more


Emergency Management Services

(May 05, 2023)

Submitted testimony for the House Majority Policy Committee on May 5, 2023 in Radnor hosted by Rep. Lisa Borowski. Read more


Lawmakers focus on growing local businesses and Main Streets across PA

(May 04, 2023)

The House Majority Policy Committee hosted a round table discussion with local businesses owners in Chester County Thursday afternoon before touring Main Street in Phoenixville to hear what members can do to grow downtown areas in Pennsylvania. Read more


Small Business & Main Street

(May 04, 2023)

Roundtable and tour for Small Business & Main Street policy event in Phoenixville. Read more


State lawmakers seek to regulate all-terrain vehicle use as trail expansions continue

(Apr 24, 2023)

“ATVs and dirt bikes have taken our city hostage,” said Philadelphia State Rep. Darisha Parker. Read more


Roundtable examines negative impact of selling public water systems

(Apr 20, 2023)

“The sale of this public water authority is bad news for any resident of Pennsylvania who values their ability to access clean water and open green spaces,” said state Rep. Carol Kazeem, who hosted the event and represents portions of Delaware County – including the city of Chester. “For the more than 200,000 paying customers of Chester Water Authority, this sale could result in skyrocketing rate hikes. People who enjoy the outdoors can also expect access to the 2,000 acres of land currently owned by Chester Water Authority to change dramatically – including access for boaters, hikers and anglers. The bottom line is the only one who benefits from this sale is the for-profit company trying to purchase Chester Water Authority.” Read more


Lawmakers acknowledge esports as part of equitable solution

(Apr 19, 2023)

“As we heard today, esports can provide the spark needed by students to encourage academic and emotional development,” said Rep. Danilo Burgos, who represents portions of Philadelphia and is the chairman of the Policy Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People. “One of the most exciting aspects about esports, for me as a legislator and Latino, is its potential for an equitable solution to our strikingly low number of Black and Hispanic workers in STEM-related careers. Esports attract a diverse group of students, regardless of race or gender, and it has proven itself as a gateway into encouraging young people to pursue STEM education as well as STEM-related careers.” Read more


Esports and the Economy

(Apr 19, 2023)

Fact sheet providing background and news links on the status and emergence of esports in education and the economy. Read more


Hearing looks for solutions to illegal ATV use on city streets

(Apr 18, 2023)

“ATVs and dirt bikes have taken our city hostage,” said hearing host Rep. Darisha Parker, who represents portions of Philadelphia. “We have a serious problem facing our city, and we cannot allow it to continue. We convened this hearing to bring in experts to share the city of Philadelphia ordinance and to inform the public about illegal activity and how the public can report it. Based on today’s testimony, we now need to see what kind of role the state can play to curb this problem.” Read more


Reps. Cephas, Harris host roundtable to examine repairs of alleyways, driveways, sidewalks

(Apr 17, 2023)

“While we witnessed some of the needs of my community firsthand today, I’m working in Harrisburg to create a program to empower all municipalities throughout the state to create a neighborhood infrastructure repair programs to support working people and working families,” said roundtable and tour host Rep. Morgan Cephas. Read more


PA lawmakers reintroduce bill on OSHA oversight for public workers

(Apr 14, 2023)

“Public-sector workers cannot and should not continue to be treated as second-class employees,” Bizzarro said. Read more


Hearing explores vision for Black maternal health

(Apr 13, 2023)

“This is a very serious conversation about a crisis happening across our country and throughout Pennsylvania,” said hearing host Rep. Gina H. Curry, who represents portions of Delaware County. “The purpose of today’s hearing is to shine a light on this issue. We are asking people to listen and take this issue to heart, realize action is needed and make transformation possible. Our end goal is to save lives.” Read more


Hearing details support needed for career and technical education

(Apr 12, 2023)

“A college education is not the perfect fit or even a possibility for every student,” said Rep. Roni Green, who hosted the hearing. “I am a product and living proof of that reality, having graduated from Dobbins Technical School, and I can honestly say the education and skills I learned in technical education have helped me throughout my life.” Read more


Career & Technical Education

(Apr 12, 2023)

Submitted testimony for the House Majority Policy Committee on April 13, 2023. Read more


Hearing: Neuro-Affirming Education in our Schools

(Apr 12, 2023)

Joint hearing on Neuro-Affirming Education in our Schools Read more