Healthcare is too expensive and inaccessible. Nearly half of all Americans surveyed say a majorhealth care expense would drive them into bankruptcy, and too many people are alreadyburied in huge medical debt. We should not suffer and die early, nor should we feel pressureto avoid preventive or immediate medical care because the price of that care is too high.When you get sick, you should be able to take time off work and see the doctor. When youneed a prescription to stay well - be it dental, vision, mental health, or for your general needs -you should be able to get that medicine. Quality healthcare for each of us will translate tohealthier families and communities, and ultimately to a healthier Pennsylvania.

In addition to the human rights and quality of life improvements, people who have healthcare coverage support an industry that’s one-sixth of our state’s economy and creates jobsthat cannot be outsourced – and save taxpayer dollars along with lives in the long run. TheProgressive Subcommittee is committed to creating affordable and accessible healthcareoptions for Pennsylvanians, regardless of employment.


Our criminal justice and carceral systemdisproportionately impacts black and brownPennsylvanians. We must address theseinequalities and the cycle of trauma andviolence these policies have perpetuated inour communities. Ending incarceration basedsolely on someone’s inability to pay (bail, courtfees, or restitution), ensuring access totreatment and health services, andempowering communities to define modelsof safety should be our priority.

Our current system punishes poor people,people of color, and our families at anincredibly high cost without making ourcommunities safer. We must envision a newsystem centered on healing, safety andaccountability.


We are jeopardizing our planet through ouractions -- and inactions. It is clear that currentpractices of increased energy use, pollution,and excess waste generation areunsustainable. Children growing up inPennsylvania may face harsh consequencesto their health, property and food security ifwe don’t take action now to protect healthyfarming practices, reduce waste, andencourage sustainability and innovation.

These challenges will impact us all, but will hithistorically disadvantaged communities thehardest. Ironically, those communities areleast responsible for the problems.Pennsylvania is an incredibly diverse statewith natural beauty afforded constitutionalprotection. Special interests that recklesslyabuse our natural resources must be heldaccountable and stop being allowed tosubvert the will of our Commonwealth’sfounders.


The price of rent and mortgages are rising while wages are not. Many housing optionsare in disrepair, unsafe, or too expensive. If wages continue to remain stagnant, workingPennsylvanians will have a harder time providing safe, nurturing homes for their families.The COVID-19 pandemic has proven now, more than ever, that serious reforms areneeded to ensure access to the kind of quality, affordable housing and support servicesour families deserve. Everyone deserves a safe, healthy place to call home.


We deserve an economy that benefits the majority of Pennsylvanians. Our current systemincludes perks and write-offs for the super-rich and corporate interests -- while workingclass, true small business owners, poor and middle-class families pay more than their fairshare. Special interests have led us to believe the status quo is the best we can get.That is not true.

We must ensure an equitable system that does not force poor people to paymore, while providing loopholes to the wealthiest to pay less. We deserve fully fundedpublic schools; substantial and effective infrastructure for public utilities including masstransit, roads and bridges, and broadband internet access; a robust healthcare system;quality affordable housing; and sustainable environmental practices to preserve ourcommunities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed these deep inequalities and shown how little of themoney meant to help is making it to the community businesses and families.

Pennsylvania's workers desperately need reforms to keep more of their paychecks in theirhands to spend locally.