Policy Hearing: Misclassification hurts workers, taxpayers and state

(Jan 27, 2023)

“This is a widespread, multimillion-dollar illegal practice happening across Pennsylvania in numerous industries and career fields,” Policy Chairman Ryan Bizzarro said. “It’s robbing our workers, it’s hurting our families, and – quite honestly – it’s creating a greater tax burden on the citizens and employers who are living by the rules and paying their fair share. The testimony we heard today should motivate responsible lawmakers to support a multi-faceted response, including several of the recommendations put forth by the task force.” Read more


Health care staffing at 'crisis' level

(Jan 27, 2023)

"A patient my age who came in for abdominal surgery that was pretty simple died because there were not enough staff," Michelle Boyle, a union nurse with SEIU Healthcare PA, told the panel. "Those nurses (involved in that patient's care) no longer work in nursing" because of the personal impact of the case." Read more


Worker Misclassification

(Jan 27, 2023)

Testimony for the House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on worker misclassification Read more


Policy Hearing: Testifiers detail issues affecting health care staffing

(Jan 26, 2023)

“While the pandemic did not cause these issues, it crystalized the problem in a way where the public became acutely aware of its importance,” said Rep. Arvind Venkat, an emergency physician and the first physician to serve in the PA General Assembly in about 60 years. “Unfortunately, no silver bullet – or magical solution – exists to fix this complicated problem. As we saw when we peeled back layers of the issue today, addressing one issue often calls for the need to find a solution to several more related issues." Read more


Health Care Staffing Crisis

(Jan 26, 2023)

Submitted and written testimony for the Thursday, Jan. 26 Policy Committee hearing on the Health Care Staffing Crisis. Read more


Roundtable: Union Organizing

(Jan 12, 2023)

House Democratic Policy Committee roundtable on union organizing. Read more


Hearing: Election Reform

(Jan 12, 2023)

House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on election reform. Read more


Bizzarro welcomes new leaders to House Democratic Policy team

(Dec 08, 2022)

State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro, chairman of the House Democratic Policy Committee, announced new vice chairs, as well as two new subcommittee chairs. Read more


Online higher education takes center stage at House Dem Policy hearing

(Oct 26, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing Wednesday morning in Harrisburg to discuss the affordability and accessibility of online higher education options across Pennsylvania. Read more


Online Higher Education

(Oct 25, 2022)

Submitted testimony on hearing on Online Education hosted Oct. 25, 2022 in Harrisburg. Read more


Education Funding: The Promise of Level Up, Need for Charter Funding Reform, and Threat of School Vouchers

(Oct 12, 2022)

Submitted testimony for Policy Committee hearing held on Oct. 12, 2022 in Sharon. Read more


Testifiers plea for updated Pa. charter school law during policy hearing

(Oct 11, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing Tuesday afternoon to discuss the need to reform Pennsylvania’s charter school law and address teacher shortages across the state. Read more


The Future of Education in Cambria County

(Oct 11, 2022)

Submitted testimony by testifiers for the Policy Committee hearing on Oct. 11, 2022 in Johnstown. Read more


Environmental Justice

(Oct 05, 2022)

Submitted testimony for the joint hearing on environmental justice held with the Policy Committee and the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus on Oct. 5, 20022 in Harrisburg. Read more


State government should refocus its efforts on environmental justice

(Oct 05, 2022)

“As we heard in testimony today, many of the biggest challenges facing our communities are rooted in race,” Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Chair Donna Bullock said. “In order to overcome these challenges – including poverty and environmental burdens – it is imperative we address and eliminate racial disparities by changing policies and some of the flawed practices we have seen in the past.” Read more


Joint HDPC/PLBC Hearing: Environmental Justice

(Oct 04, 2022)

The Policy Committee will join with the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus for a discussion on environmental justice and the impact it has on different communities across Pennsylvania. Read more


Policy committee tours groundbreaking research incubator in Bucks County

(Oct 04, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee was in Bucks County Tuesday morning for a tour and roundtable discussion at the Blumberg Institute in Doylestown. Read more


Policy hearing identifies problems and solutions of stormwater management

(Oct 03, 2022)

The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing Monday in Montgomery County to discuss stormwater management and the impact it has on community infrastructure. Read more


Stormwater Management & Infrastructure Management

(Oct 03, 2022)

Submitted written testimony for the hearing Stormwater Management and Infrastructure Management on Monday, Oct. 3. Read more


Hearing explores growing need to support grandparents

(Sep 28, 2022)

“I first became aware of this issue more than a decade ago when I was fortunate enough to meet several heroes in our communities – grandparents who stepped in to raise their grandchildren for various reasons,” said Pashinski, D-Luzerne. “We passed three bills in 2018 to create important resources for grandparents, bills that I’m very proud will help thousands of people in need. However, our work on this issue is not complete, and it’s one reason why I’m trying to pass House Bill 2858 that would provide for legal services – including adoption – that kinship care families desperately need.” Read more