Hill-Evans responds to calls for reopening York prematurely

YORK, May 12 – State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York, today responded to a group of representatives gathering to call for reopening York County before the official transition from Red Phase to Yellow Phase.

“I share in the frustrations of my constituents who have lost a job, lost working hours, or lost customers,” Hill-Evans said. “However, to open quickly, without the approval of our scientific community, would allow the virus to extend this economic hardship, diminish the hard-fought gains we worked so hard on to flatten the curve, and lead to the needless loss of lives.

“I do not take this extended economic hardship lightly. It is understandable for business leaders and local officials to be frustrated. But to be clear, businesses who ignore public health measures put their entire operation at risk. Businesses could lose their workforce, and families could lose loved ones. Reopening prematurely will lead to nothing but further prolonging the economic crisis.

“We are having frequent discussions with our health officials and Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine to ensure that we are matching up with the criteria of the Health Department and the governor’s Stay-at-Home orders. As we move ever closer to the metrics that will take us from red to green, I will continue to listen to the science and expertise of our city health officials to make sure every life is considered, and that the metrics are based on the facts of our local community.

“On behalf of my constituents, who will be at additional risk if businesses open too soon, I urge prudent and swift action on behalf of our public health to maintain the integrity of the Red Phase until a transition to Yellow Phase is more appropriate.”

For more information contact Hill-Evans’ office at (717) 848-9595.