Sanchez: The PA Rescue Plan helps the local businesses hit hardest by COVID-19

We can Recover, Restore and Reimagine a better future with the PA Rescue Plan – and rebuild our economy from the ground up.

When COVID-19 first crashed into Montgomery County and the rest of the commonwealth more than a year ago, many changes were required to save lives and prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Every business able to operate remotely removed employees from crowded offices and began working from home – again, because this was the right thing to do to save lives.

Many businesses will be working remotely for a while longer until enough people are fully vaccinated to safely bring us back to whatever our new normal will look like.

But a lot of businesses couldn’t send their workers home with a laptop and a reminder to mute their microphone on Zoom meetings. A lot of businesses unfortunately had to shut the doors and send workers to an overwhelmed unemployment system left hamstrung by years of conservatives’ budget cuts.

The owners of our bars and theaters and gyms and other businesses relying on in-person operations did what they could to keep the doors open. These community businesses are owned by our neighbors and friends. They are the community businesses that sponsor Little League teams and let the local Girl Scouts sell cookies out front on the weekend. They are the cornerstones of our community, and they deserve a fighting chance.

This is that chance. The American Rescue Plan is delivering billions of dollars to Pennsylvania, and the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan we’re fighting for makes sure those dollars help Main Street and Elm Street.

We want to invest a quarter-billion dollars in grants for local businesses and nonprofits that were unable to work remotely during the pandemic. As people get vaccinated, we want there to be a safe place for them to put in their earbuds and work up a sweat. We want people to celebrate their shots with a long-awaited return to a night out, multiplying the power of that spending by keeping it local in the community.

This is money meant to help, not to be hidden away for a rainy day – because what storm could have hurt our workers and businesses more than the coronavirus pandemic?

That’s not all. These community businesses need customers who are paid real wages – and our plan invests a half-billion dollars in job creation. Businesses of all sizes renewing their commitment to their communities deserve help, and we want to get it to them – especially businesses looking to boost the benefits by locating or expanding operations in our Keystone Opportunity Zones.

Add this to job training and help with trade schools and community colleges, plus investments in childcare so workers can have peace of mind that their kids are being well-cared for, and the way back is clear. We can Recover, Restore and Reimagine a better future with the PA Rescue Plan – and rebuild our economy from the ground up.

It’s all part of a plan to invest in workers, businesses, health care and a true recovery. Visit to find out more, and we hope you’ll join us.

Sanchez, who was first elected to represent the 153rd Legislative District in 2018, serves on the House Appropriations, Local Government, State Government and Health committees.