House Democrats touring the state to talk with the people about the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan


HARRISBURG, May 5 – After weeks of gathering public support for the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan to invest federal dollars to do the most good for working families, the House Democratic Leadership team released the following statement on the next steps to discuss the plan and how it would help us recover, restore and reimagine a better future coming back from COVID-19.

“Next week more than $7 billion is coming to the Keystone State as part of the American Rescue Plan, and we have to make sure that money is invested properly, not hidden away in a government vault for a rainy day – because it’s hard to imagine a storm that could hit harder than COVID-19. People need help now.

“As USA TODAY network coverage noted, House Democrats have a plan that helps schools, workers, businesses, families, renters, landlords and more while Republicans have no plan to distribute the funds. We urge the majority party to get on board and do the right thing for people everywhere.

“We’ve received an overwhelming response to the PA Rescue Plan so far, and next week we’ll be taking the plan to the people with a statewide tour – starting Monday in Philadelphia and Reading talking about investing in infrastructure and rebuilding our downtowns, continuing Tuesday in Pittsburgh and Erie discussing housing, Wednesday in Harrisburg and State College talking worker pay, and finishing up on Thursday in Scranton and Allentown to discuss helping essential frontline workers and all of us recover from the virus’ impact.

“Our Caucus is talking about the real problems that real people are facing, and with the investment from Washington we finally have the tools to build a better future for everyone. Now that vaccines are available and mitigation efforts are easing up, House Democrats are ready to do the work to build the economy of the future – and the PA Rescue Plan would get it done.”

Some key components of the Pennsylvania Rescue Plan include:

Investments in Businesses

    • $250 million to businesses unable to stay open or work remotely due to COVID-19.
    • $500 million to create jobs and kickstart the economy in local communities.
    • $200 million to connect everyone to high-speed internet and vital infrastructure.
    • $50 million to tackle climate change and prioritize clean energy.
    • $170 million to improve childcare for working parents.

Public Health Infrastructure and Preparedness

    • $511 million to train and pay direct care workers.
    • $15 million to modernize public health infrastructure.
    • $25 million to increase access to health care and telehealth.
    • $200 million to repair or replace toxic school buildings.
    • $75 million to invest in health care research and innovation.

Support for Families

    • $250 million to expand property tax and rent relief.
    • $250 million to promote affordable housing and local economies.
    • $250 million in hazard pay for front line essential workers.
    • $250 million to create a Paid Sick and Family Leave program.  

Workforce Development

    • $25 million in grants for students in high-demand career training and adult learners.
    • $80 million to help community college students.
    • $10 million in impact payments for those whose unemployment checks were delayed.
    • $53 million for retirement savings plans for workers without an employer option.

A more detailed breakdown of the PA Rescue Plan is available online.