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Part of MONTGOMERY County consisting of the TOWNSHIPS of Abington (PART, Wards 01, 02, 03, 04, 06, 07, 09,10 [PART, Divisions 01 and 03], 11, 12, 13, 14 [PART, Division 02] and 15 [PART, Division 01]) and Upper Dublin (PART, Districts 01 [PART, Divisions 01 and 03], 02 [PART, Divisions 01 and 02],04 and 05) and the BOROUGH of  Rockledge.

Total population: 62,313

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Institutes of higher education:

153rd Projects

Edge Hill Rd and Tyson Ave
Easton Road to Jenkintown Road
Reconstruct Edge Hill Rd and Tyson Ave; provide drainage improvements, sidewalks, curbing, parking lanes, signage and traffic signals.
Abington Twp.
Contract awarded to C. Abbonizio Contractors. During construction, Edge Hill Rd will be converted to one-way, carrying traffic eastbound from Jenkintown Rd to Bradford Rd, and will remain two-way from Bradford Rd to Easton Rd. Tyson Ave will remain two-way.

Noble Bridge
Construction bids open Spring 2019; Construction begin Summer 2019
Old York Rd
Improve crossing of railroad
Abington Twp.
Bridge will be built one half at a time, with one lane of traffic running on the bridge during construction.  Construction expected to last two years.