House advances legislation for workers affected by a work stoppage

Inspired by the ongoing Pittsburgh Post-Gazette strike, Rep. Mandy Steele introduced the legislation with Rep. Dan Miller.

HARRISBURG, Nov. 15 – State Reps. Mandy Steele and Dan Miller, both D-Allegheny, applauded the PA House’s passage today of H.B. 1481, legislation that would allow workers affected by a work stoppage to qualify for unemployment compensation benefits.

Sponsored by Steele and Miller, the bill passed the House by a vote of 106-97.

“I introduced this legislation to provide financial relief for striking workers, such as those who have been on strike for more than a year at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette,” Steele said. “With more than 67% of Americans supporting unions and strikes on the rise, we must support our union members, which are the backbone of the labor industry in Allegheny County, our commonwealth and our nation. By passing this legislation, we show solidarity with those on strike by allowing them to collect unemployment compensation benefits.”

“This bill is yet another example of how House Democrats are using our new majority to pass legislation that will help workers and their families. Already this year, we have passed more pro-worker and pro-labor bills than in recent memory, many of which have been bottled up in committee for close to a decade,” said Miller, the House majority whip. “These bills are about ensuring that workers can exercise their rights, that their voices can be heard, and that every worker has a shot at the American dream.”

The bill now awaits consideration in the Senate.

A livestream of today’s news conference is available here.