Expense Report - September

Annual Annual Salary: The base salary for every member of the House is $95,432. Each member also received health care and a pension. During the 2022 session, Rep. Miller's salary is $115,702 due to his extra duties and responsibilities as minority Caucus Chair.

Per Diems: House members are able to receive per diems, which cap at $138 a night for lodging and $64 a day for food expenses. Rep. Miller does not take per diems.

Actual Expenses: Instead of taking per diems, Rep. Miller submits actual receipts for approved expenses, which are capped daily at $117 for lodging and $64 for food. These receipts are submitted per House Rules and are available in full from the Chief Clerk's Office.

State Car: Rep. Miller does not use a state vehicle and submits mileage per House Rules. The current mileage allowance per the federal government rate is 62.5 cents per mile.

Office and Staff: Rep. Miller maintains a district office in Mt. Lebanon and occupies the minority Caucus Chair office in the Capitol. He has three full-time staffers in the district and four in Harrisburg. All state employee salaries may be viewed here.

Rep. Miller's Expenses for September 2022