Reps. Miller, Dawkins, organized labor celebrate Pitt staff union election filing to kick off ‘Union Organizing Week’

Pitt staff could be largest public sector union election in decades

HARRISBURG, June 1 – On Monday, as representatives of the staff of the University of Pittsburgh file paperwork with the help of the United Steelworkers to set the stage for what could be the largest public sector union election in decades, state Reps. Dan Miller, D-Allegheny, and Jason Dawkins, D-Phila., will hold a news conference/rally in the state Capitol with AFL-CIO PA President Angela Ferritto and other organized labor leaders and members to kick off ‘Union Organizing Week’ in Pennsylvania.

The event will feature speakers from multiple union organizations, including members of the University of Pittsburgh staff who will discuss why they chose to organize and the important role that labor organizations continue to play in the state and nation.

Majority Whip Miller and House Labor & Industry Committee Chair Dawkins will also discuss the aggressive pro-worker agenda that House Democrats have been pursuing since taking the majority in the chamber earlier this year. Already, House Democrats have passed to the Senate legislation that would protect workers’ right to organize; provide OSHA protections for public-sector workers, and address worker misclassification, among other legislative initiatives.