House Democrats Demand to Put People First

HARRISBURG, June 8 – Calling on their Republican counterparts to adopt an agenda that is truly “pro-life” – instead of merely pro-birth -- and to act on legislation to meaningfully impact millions of Pennsylvanians, leaders of the House Democratic Caucus released the following statement today:

“For too long Republicans in the legislature have advanced an agenda grounded in divisiveness, distrust and fear. They routinely ram through extremist policies meant to appeal to the farthest reaches of their party rather than support sensible policies to help Pennsylvanians at every stage of life. House Democrats refuse to accept their shortsighted policies that neglect mothers and infants, school-aged children, families, workers, seniors, and veterans.

“With $5 billion in extra revenue this year and the remaining American Rescue Plan dollars, the time is now to consider a range of measures that would protect life, including investments in maternal health, to repair toxic schools that sicken children across the commonwealth, help families afford quality childcare or have paid time off to care for an aging loved one, or boost property tax and rent rebates for Pennsylvania seniors. 

“The House Democratic Caucus is fighting to help Pennsylvanians at every stage of life - from first breath to first grade to first job - because we believe that no one should ever be abandoned, especially when they are struggling. Now is the time for responsible investments in our families, workers and seniors at every stage of life.”