House Democrats: We have the resources to fully fund education

HARRISBURG, May 2 – PA House Democratic leadership released the following statement today following the release of another monthly revenue report showing an increasing surplus due to positive tax revenue:

“All year, Pennsylvania’s revenues have come in much higher than anticipated, leading to a historic surplus of $4.5 billion so far this fiscal year. The General Assembly should seize the opportunity to invest in our kids as Governor Wolf proposed in his budget, while still prudently maintaining the $2.8 billion we have in state savings and planning to use the $2.1 billion remaining from the American Rescue Plan wisely to help Pennsylvanians with an eye toward the future. The bottom line: our financial footing is strong enough to allow the General Assembly to make meaningful strides toward improving communities across Pennsylvanian. We can make smart investments like fully funding public education – without raising taxes.

“We urge Republicans holding the majority in both legislative chambers to join us in supporting the governor’s plan for fair and adequate school funding, making our children and the communities that support them the number one investment in this year’s budget. We hope that Pennsylvanians will participate in our democracy, contact their state representative and senator, and tell them it’s time to finally put these dollars to work for Pennsylvania’s future.”