McClinton: The right to vote is at the core of our American identity

The Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus echoes President Biden’s remarks today on the importance of defending voting rights in the United States. The right to vote is at the core of our American identity, and any effort to degrade that right is an attack on our democracy.

Still upset by the outcome of the 2020 election, Republican leaders in Harrisburg and in states across the nation, have launched a sustained attack on voting rights. Relying on fabricated claims of voter fraud, these Republican leaders mislead the public to sow doubt in our elections and our election officials, and to garner support for their attempts to change Pennsylvania’s election system. These measures are nothing more than voter suppression disguised as election security. 

Instead, House Democrats have introduced the K. Leroy Irvis Voting Rights Protection Act, because we believe rather than attacking our system, we should be restoring faith in our elections, promoting options for safe and secure voting, easing the burden on local election officials by allowing for 21 days of pre-canvassing, and ensuring that every voice is heard.