McClinton names housing advocate to PHFA board

HARRISBURG, Feb. 19 – House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton has appointed Markita Morris-Louis of Philadelphia to the board of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency.

“Helping people to buy homes and remain in homes is crucial to building stronger communities at any time, and even more during this pandemic,” McClinton said. “It’s the central mission of PHFA and I cannot think of a better person to move this work forward than Markita Morris-Louis.”

Morris-Louis, a Philadelphia native, is a long-time steward in the fields of affordable housing and housing policy. She has worked for almost 20 years as an attorney helping people and community-based nonprofit groups with issues of housing, consumer protection and civil rights.

“I am truly grateful to Leader McClinton for the opportunity to represent the interests of families with low incomes and other vulnerable populations in setting policy for the development and preservation of affordable housing through PHFA’s board.

“I have devoted a significant portion of my career to community development and helping consumers achieve financial stability through homeownership and other asset-building opportunities. I am delighted by this opportunity to serve the Commonwealth through PHFA’s activities and thankful to Leader McClinton for her support,” Morris-Louis said.

She held leadership positions at several regional organizations and is now the chief strategy officer at Compass Working Capital, which supports families with low incomes to build assets and financial capabilities as a pathway to greater economic opportunity, and out of poverty.

“Markita Morris-Louis has earned a reputation as someone who’s absolutely committed to the hard but necessary work of setting people up for success in their lives. Joining the PHFA board gives her the opportunity to promote homeownership across all of Pennsylvania,” McClinton said.

PHFA’s 14-person board includes one appointee each by the majority and minority leaders in the House and Senate and 10 members named by the governor.