Leader McClinton statement on constitutional amendment

HARRISBURG, Feb. 1 – House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton responded to the news that a pending constitutional amendment to help survivors of childhood sexual abuse will be further delayed due to an administrative breakdown at the Department of State:

“This is heartbreaking for survivors of an unspeakable trauma who have waited too long for the chance to see justice. If there is any way to achieve a quicker legislative solution than waiting for two more years, the House Democratic Caucus will fully support it,” McClinton said.

“Governor Wolf called on us to pursue this as a regular bill through the legislative process. I also think that in this unique circumstance it would be appropriate for the House and Senate to pass an emergency constitutional amendment using Article XI of the Pennsylvania Constitution, which requires a two-thirds vote, in order to put the question before the voters this year as originally intended.

“I feel terrible for our House colleagues Mark Rozzi and Jim Gregory who have put a human face on this injustice and poured their hearts into repairing the damage done by perpetrators of abuse. All the men and women who were preyed upon when they were children deserve a better outcome,” McClinton said.