McClinton announces $2 million award for Caring People Alliance

HARRISBURG, Dec. 23 House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton announced today that the Caring People Alliance was awarded $2 million in grant money for the purchase and renovation of a new building for their Cobbs Creek Boys and Girls Club.

The purchase and renovation will create seven classrooms, updating four to meet Pre-K requirements and renovate an outdoor space. The building will be wired for digital learning and a digital classroom. A kitchen and laundry facilities will also be added as well as showers in the gym.

“A project like this cannot be looked at as anything but essential for the children it will serve,” McClinton said. “Especially at a time like this in our history where we have seen the catastrophic results of a global pandemic, and people are hurting in ways that are unfathomable, this goes right to the heart of helping our kids not only now but in the future as they in fact are our future.

“With a safe and state-of-the-art place to learn and play, the Caring People Alliance’s Cobbs Creek Boys and Girls Club will be able to continue to do the good work that it does and ensure they will do it for years to come,” she added.

Caring People Alliance provides a wide range of services to residents in West, North and South Philadelphia as well as operates the Early Learning Resource Center for Region 18, which is a single point of contact for families, early learning providers and communities.