Philadelphia House leaders secure 100,000 face masks for Philadelphians working on the front lines of COVID-19 pandemic

PHILADELPHIA, May 14 – Calling it an example of working together for the greater good of Philadelphia, House leaders from the Philadelphia Delegation led by Democratic Whip Jordan Harris, Democratic Chairwoman Joanna McClinton, Philadelphia Delegation Chairman Jason Dawkins, and Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Stephen Kinsey, announced today a partnership with Lowe’s that has delivered 100,000 essential face masks to frontline workers in Philadelphia. 

“These brave men and women are continuing to work to keep our communities safe and operational, and we owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude,” Harris said. “I’m incredibly thankful to be able to work with Lowe’s and provide this essential PPE to our essential employees in an effort to ensure they’re protected from this deadly virus.”

"I am proud to join Whip Harris and our colleagues in securing and supplying critical protective gear for those fighting on the front lines of this pandemic," McClinton said. "This is a great example of what we can accomplish when we work together to put the health and safety of Pennsylvanians first."  

“We owe a lot to the people working every day to protect our community and keep us all safe and healthy,” Dawkins said. “We should all come together, however we can, to support those on the frontlines.”

“People on the frontlines need to be protected most. They are risking their health to help take care of our community and we should support them however we can,” Kinsey said. “This is the least we can do as leaders to thank the people working every day to help us stay safe and healthy.”

The face masks were delivered to the City of Philadelphia Office of Emergency Management, as well as to be distributed among health care workers in AFSCME District 1199C, transportation workers in TWU Local 234, UFCW food service employees, SEIU employees at county assistance offices and the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium.