McClinton joins collaborative effort to deliver 100 free Chromebooks to help students continue learning during COVID-19

PHILADELPHIA, April 15 State Rep. Joanna McClinton proudly joined a collaborative effort to deliver 100 donated Chromebook laptops Tuesday to help students in Philadelphia continue learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"This health crisis has exposed a digital divide that is preventing students who don't have access to the required technology from completing their education," said McClinton, D-Phila/Delaware. "This would not have been possible without the community advocates who share my passion for providing our young people with the opportunities they need to succeed past COVID-19." 

McClinton teamed up with the nonprofit NERDiT Now and West Philadelphia Corridor Collaborative to bring these resources to individuals enrolled in the District 1199 Training Fund Program, where many are studying to join the medical field, get their early learning teaching certificate or obtain their GED.

"Before, our students didn't have access to the online programs needed to participate in class or finish assignments," said Dawn Johnson, program manager of District 1199 Training Fund Program. "This is truly a blessing that will give them the ability to continue their education through distance learning."

"It's an inspiration to see so many of the recipients striving to be part of the health care workforce and on the frontlines to combat the coronavirus," explained McClinton. "We must support these heroes to aid in our fight to stop the spread, flatten the curve and protect Pennsylvanians."

In her ongoing efforts to bridge the digital divide, McClinton is also backing a proposal in Harrisburg that would dedicate funding to help school districts in the commonwealth provide continued learning tools, like technological equipment and internet services, to students who don't have access to them at home while schools are closed.