Malagari secures $1M grant to address sinkholes in Lansdale

LANSDALE, Oct. 17 – State Rep. Steve Malagari, D-Montgomery, today announced a $1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development to address sinkholes across Lansdale Borough.

“When infrastructure issues like these arise, they must be addressed immediately, before they become bigger problems,” Malagari said. “We need to fix the few sinkholes that are forming, but more importantly, address the stormwater management issues that are causing the water damage.”

Several sinkholes have opened up around Lansdale, most notably at Ridge and Oak streets. Heavy rains have exacerbated the issue, causing stormwater to flow through the sinkholes instead of the appropriate inlets.

Other sinkholes have been identified on Penn Street, Cherry Street, and Squirrel Lane. The scope of the grant is to address the sinkhole issues and can involve any ‘hard costs’ relating to it.

The cost of immediate repairs totals over $1.7 million; Malagari said this funding will go a long way toward the necessary repairs and preventative measures.