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I toured the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute and support Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to put millions into career training for our students.

Rep. Madden secures $150,000 for Pocono Municipal Airport

(Aug 28, 2019)

MONROE, Aug. 28 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is being credited with getting a $150,000 state aviation grant for improvements to the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport for design replacement of the fuel farm. Madden said the airport serves thousands of travelers and business professionals each year. “I am pleased with this grant funding because it will ensure that our local airport obtains the equipment it needs for safe operation and it’s a huge transportation aviation economic investment that brings thousands of dollars in return to our area, “Madden said. Madden said most airports, such as the Pocono Municipal Airport have their own dedicated oil depots, usually referred to as” fuel farms” where aviation fuel is stored prior to being discharged into aircraft fuel tanks. Fuel is transported from the depot to the aircraft either by road tanker or a hydrant system. As of April 2019, Pennsylvania ranks 13 th in the country in the number of public-use aviation facilities with 127 airports, heliports and seaplane bases. Funded through PennDOT’s Aviation Transportation Assistance Program, Aviation Development Program and the Multimodal Fund, airport grant investments are meant to expand aviation-related operational and economic opportunities statewide. Read more


August Episode Of Monroe Matters

(Aug 28, 2019)

In this episode of Monroe Matters, Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden discusses the latest move to lower property taxes and increase funding for public schools, talks about a major victory in the fight to end gun violence, and provides details about her upcoming town hall. Read more


Rep. Madden to hold town hall meeting Sept. 8 in Stroudsburg

(Aug 19, 2019)

STROUDSBURG, Aug. 19 – As part of her commitment to address community issues, Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is holding a town hall meeting. The meeting is scheduled for 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8 at the Eastern Monroe Public Library, 1002 North Ninth St., Stroudsburg. Citizens can voice their thoughts and concerns regarding Property Tax/Rent Rebate, Real ID and other topics of interest. “Hearing constituents’ concerns is a critical part of improving the neighborhood,” Madden said. “It is an opportunity to speak with them and to not only listen to their concerns, but offer real solutions face to face.” Media is invited to attend. Attention News Editors : Please include the following in your community calendar listings if possible: State Rep. Maureen Madden invites you to her town hall meeting from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 8 at the Eastern Monroe Public Library, 1002 North Ninth St., Stroudsburg. For more information, please call Madden’s office at (570) 420-2850. Read more


Rep. Madden supports governor's plan to curtail gun violence

(Aug 16, 2019)

HARRISBURG, AUG. 16 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, attended today’s news conference held by Gov. Tom Wolf who signed an executive order making sweeping changes to executive branch agencies to better target gun violence. “I am troubled by what I am seeing throughout our communities," Madden said. "Gun violence has hit close home here in Monroe County where a young man was shot to death at the hands of another near my district office.” Madden said nearly two dozen new initiatives and reforms have been proposed in four primary categories: New oversight and data sharing. Reducing community gun violence. Combatting mass shootings. Addressing the rising number of gun-related domestic incidents and self-inflicting shootings. Madden said the governor will direct the administration to create new state offices focused on violence prevention and reduction, expand programs that promote safety, refocus departments on combatting gun violence as a public health crisis, and increase collaboration and data sharing between the public, government agencies and other states. “We cannot remain silent anymore because time and again we are left with another shooting in another town in another state and the same scenario plays out in the media. “Our loved ones are dying every day and that is why we must support common sense gun safety legislation and to ban assault weapons. “Our schools, our Read more


Madden brings home $1 million for new YMCA building

(Aug 01, 2019)

STROUDSBURG, Aug. 1 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, has secured a $1 million state grant for the Pocono Family YMCA for a new facility. Madden said when completed, the new facility will provide adequate parking and up-to-date programmatic spaces, including a natatorium, gymnasium, childcare spaces, community spaces, wellness spaces, and a location for sporting activities. “I believe I speak for the community when I express our gratitude for the grant. Whether it be childcare for working moms or senior programs, the ‘Y’ has an essential footprint in downtown Stroudsburg and throughout the community,” Madden said. The grant was awarded through the Redevelopment Assistance Capitol Program. The program provides funding for regional, economic, cultural, civic and historical improvement projects. “I thank Governor Tom Wolf for authorizing this funding and showing his support for our town and recognizing it is an important part of Pennsylvania,” Madden said. “I am thrilled that a new YWCA building is coming to Stroudsburg,” Madden said. Read more


Monroe Matters with Rep. Maureen Madden

(Jul 29, 2019)

On this episode of Monroe Matters, Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden breaks down the 2019-20 state budget, including passage of a state-administered healthcare exchange and Pennsylvania's first Farm Bill. Plus, we visit the grand opening of the Women's Military Museum in Mount Pocono. Read more


Madden Working to Break the Addiction Epidemic

(Jul 26, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden attended a drug overdose simulation in Lehigh County at the Lehigh Valley Hospital and learned about the new ways medical students and staff are being trained to address those battling addiction. Read more


Summer 2019 Newsletter

(Jul 26, 2019)

Stay up to date by reading my Summer 2019 newsletter! Read more


Madden Promotes CTE Programs as Pathways to Good Jobs

(Jul 17, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden participated in a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing in Allentown to discuss the importance of career and technical education in Pennsylvania. Madden says college isn't for everyone and with a growing need for skilled laborers, CTE students can find good jobs with family-sustaining wages right out of school. Read more


Madden: State awards $305,000 for Monroe County housing

(Jul 11, 2019)

HARRISBURG, July 11 – State Rep. Maureen Madden is pleased to announce $305,000 in state grants today were awarded to help fund various affordable housing opportunities throughout Monroe County. Read more


Governor signs $23 million farm law that invests in future generations

(Jul 01, 2019)

HARRISBURG, July 1 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, attended today’s bill signing that invests more than $23 million in Pennsylvania’s agriculture industry to grow opportunities and resources, remove barriers to entry, and cultivate future generations of leaders within the business. “I fully support and voted for this program that would preserve agriculture which is one of our prize industries in Pennsylvania,” Madden said. The plan includes the following: Agriculture business development and succession planning – which provides $2 million to help farmers create a business plan to meet their needs and a realty transfer tax exemption for any transfer of preserved farmland to a qualified beginning farmer. Creating more processing capabilities to accommodate a growing animal agriculture sector through the Pennsylvania Dairy Investment Program, Center for Animal Agriculture Excellence and incentivizing access to meat processing inspections. Removing regulatory burdens and strengthening the state’s business climate. Strengthening Pennsylvania’s workforce to ensure the next generation is prepared to lead by establishing the Agriculture and Rural Youth Organization Grant Program and the Pennsylvania Farm to School Grant Program. Protecting agriculture infrastructure with the Pennsylvania Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account. Increasing market opportunities and making Read more


Madden: We Still Haven't Funded Education Equitably

(Jun 25, 2019)

During debate over the 2019-20 state budget, Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden speaks about compromises in this year's budget and the need to fund education more equitably. Read more


Madden Stands Up to Protect General Assistance

(Jun 19, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden spoke on the House floor in opposition of legislation that would repeal General Assistance in Pennsylvania. She explains why this program is critical to impoverished people in Pennsylvania. Read more


Monroe Matters with Rep. Maureen Madden

(Jun 19, 2019)

On this episode of Monroe Matters, Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden sits down with a special group of elected women who are true leaders of the community to discuss local issues and the importance of women holding office. Read more


House OKs bill with Madden's academic records transfer language

(Jun 13, 2019)

State Rep. Maureen Madden is pleased the state House of Representatives passed legislation that would require charter schools to share student records with one another within 10 days of receiving the request. Read more


Madden Celebrates Opening of Women's Military Museum

(Jun 12, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden participated in a ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the opening of the Women's Military Museum in Mount Pocono. Madden says the museum, founded by Ret. Sgt. Major Claudette Williams, will raise awareness for women who serve and highlight the many roles women have played in the military over the years. Read more


Madden leads efforts to crack down on sexual harassment in the workplace

(Jun 10, 2019)

HARRISBURG, June 10 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, today joined fellow colleagues at a state Capitol news conference to unveil a package of bills addressing sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace in Pennsylvania. Madden’s legislation would ensure that all workers across the state are safeguarded with legal protections against workplace sexual harassment and discrimination. Currently, these protections under the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act only apply to employers with four or more employees. “Because of this, we have left these hardworking employees vulnerable to workplace harassment and discrimination and I plan to continue to defend them and change the laws,” Madden said. Madden’s legislation would protect 314,000 more workers, including full-time nannies, housekeepers and other domestic workers, independent contractors and interns – from workplace harassment and abuse. According to the 2015 census, there are approximately 153,000 companies with four or fewer employees. ###rc/2019/agh l:\print\releases\sexualharrassment.115 Attention news editors: Madden video from today’s news conference can be downloaded here. Read more


Madden Hosts Third Annual Women's Day Expo

(Jun 08, 2019)

Pa. state Rep. Maureen Madden hosted her third annual Women's Day Expo at Stroudsburg Junior High School, connecting women and men with a variety of state-related and local programs that are available to them and their families Read more


Madden to hold free Women’s Day Expo on Saturday

(Jun 06, 2019)

STROUDSBURG, June 6 – State Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, is inviting everyone to her third annual Women’s Day Expo from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, June 8, at Stroudsburg Junior High School, 1901 Chipperfield Drive. Read more


I toured the Monroe County Career and Technical Institute and support Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to put millions into career training for our students.

(May 17, 2019)

I am proud to support Gov. Tom Wolf's plan to invest millions of dollars into career training for our students. Read more