Madden: Almost $119,000 secured by local fire, EMS groups

(Feb 28, 2024)

"Our hardworking first responders deserve every resource they need to respond to local emergencies and to increase and retain their membership,” said Madden. Read more


Agricultural, Educational, Public Safety, Redevelopment Grant Opportunities

(Feb 27, 2024)

There are multiple grant programs that are currently open for applications. Read more


Middle Smithfield Township satellite hours

(Feb 12, 2024)

Rep. Maureen Madden is pleased to provide monthly satellite hours at the Middle Smithfield Township Municipal Building. Read more


RACP, Health, Environmental, Public Safety, Transportation, and Redevelopment Opportunities

(Jan 09, 2024)

Grants available as of Tuesday, Jan. 9 Read more


2024 Capitol Scenes Calendar

(Jan 08, 2024)

Download my 2024 Capitol Scenes Calendar. Read more


Grant Memo: Cultural, Health, Environmental, Public Safety, Transportation, and Redevelopment Opportunities For Your District

(Jan 03, 2024)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Department of Human Services: OCDEL Keystone STARS Continuous Quality Improvement Who May Apply: Eligible childcare providers will be notified via an eligibility letter from their Early Learning Resource Center. Providers must meet the requirements outlined here . Use: Staff qualifications and professional development, early childhood education programs, partnerships with families and communities, leadership and management, and accreditation costs. Funds: Grant amounts vary by provider. Grant funding comes from $12 million of federal Childcare Development Fund funds. Application Deadline: Feb. 15, 2024 More information: Keystone STARS Website Department of Transportation: State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Incentive Program Who May Apply: To be eligible for STIC Incentive funding, the STIC or other equivalent task force, committee or group must be formally established with a charter, include public and private members, meet regularly, and comprehensively consider sources of innovation. Use: The State Transportation Innovation Council Incentive Program provides funding to help STICs foster a culture of innovation and make innovations standard practice in their states. Examples of allowable activities include but are not limited to: developing standards and specifications; developing training to facilitate widespread use of innovation, developing Read more


Madden brings home $690K for Mount Pocono infrastructure

(Dec 20, 2023)

“Proper management of wastewater is vitally important to the public health of our residents. These dollars will allow the Mount Pocono Municipal Authority to complete critical upgrades to their systems,” said Madden. Read more


Winter 2023 Newsletter

(Dec 18, 2023)

Read my Winter 2023 Newsletter Read more


A call to action at vigil in Brodheadsville

(Dec 17, 2023)

“When someone calls 911 I want them to be assessed with a few simple questions and understand whether that person needs to be spoken to by someone on 988 or 911,” Rep. Madden said. Read more


Vigil for Christian Hall raises suicide prevention awareness

(Dec 17, 2023)

"Instead of 911, people with a mental health crisis can call 988," said State Rep. Maureen Madden. Read more


Pennsylvania is in its Taylor Swift era, her home state decides

(Dec 14, 2023)

“I turn 64 years old today, and I think about who’s going to carry on our legacy. She’s not popular because she writes break-up songs,” Madden said on the House floor. “She’s popular because the largest demographic of people eligible to vote, the 18- to 24-year-old demographic, listens to her and does what she says.” Read more


Pennsylvania Officials Declare 2023 as the 'Taylor Swift Era' in the Singer's Home State

(Dec 14, 2023)

Democratic Rep. Maureen Madden of Monroe County was a big supporter of the measure and showed appreciation for the singer's influence on younger generations. Read more


Pa. House passes a resolution declaring 2023 ‘Taylor Swift Era’

(Dec 14, 2023)

Rep. Maureen E. Madden, a Democrat from Monroe County, said Swift was worthy of recognition because she has used her fame to promote issues important to Democrats, including women’s rights and protecting the environment. Read more


Grants available as of Tuesday, Dec. 12

(Dec 12, 2023)

There are multiple grant programs that are currently open for applications. Read more


Electric school buses, free AP exams, last dollar scholarships among bills moved in Pa. House committee

(Dec 12, 2023)

House Bill 1743 from Rep. Maureen Madden, D-Monroe, would put the Pennsylvania School Boards Association in charge of providing required training for school board directors. Read more


Cartwright: Return of rail service ‘a once in a lifetime opportunity’

(Dec 11, 2023)

At a news conference at his Scranton office Monday morning, Cartwright and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, D-Scranton, joined with state and local leaders to celebrate their recent announcement of a major milestone in bringing the Amtrak passenger rail service back between Scranton and New York City. Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application, Dec. 4

(Dec 04, 2023)

NEWLY LISTED PROGRAMS Department of Aging: Senior Community Center Grants Who May Apply: Pennsylvania Senior Community Centers with an existing, contractual relationship with an Area Agency on Aging. Use: To help Pennsylvania’s Senior Community Centers increase participation and programming Funds: Up to $2 million in grant funding is available. Grants vary depending on staff levels. Application Deadline: December 15, 2023 More information: Aging Website Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Violence Intervention and Prevention Who May Apply: Community-based organizations with 501(c)(3) designation, institutions of higher education, municipalities, district attorneys, and counties, Use: Effective local intervening and preventive measures to stop gun and group violence that is occurring across the state in both the short- and long-term Funds: $40 million in state funding is available for two tracks: VIP Grants: Applicants can request up to 50% of their operating budget up to $950,00 total. Coordinated Community Violence Intervention Strategies Projects (CCVI): Applicants can request up to $3 million in total funding over a 36-month period (funding match required). PCCD anticipates approving only 2-3 CCVI projects. Application Deadline: January 18, 2024 More information: PCCD Website Department of Community and Economic Development: Read more


E-MAIL, NOV. 30: Helping veterans connect with resources

(Nov 30, 2023)

Plus my appointment to a national program, a congrats to new local officials, and other news from the Capitol and the 115th Legislative District. Read more


Madden hosts Veterans Expo

(Nov 21, 2023)

At Middle Smithfield Township Community & Cultural Center and Library on Nov. 17, PA state Rep. Maureen Madden hosted a three-hour Veterans Expo to connect veterans and their loved ones with a one-stop shop for state and federal resources available to them. Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application (11/15/2023)

(Nov 15, 2023)

There are multiple grant programs that are currently open for applications. Read more