Rep. Patrick J. Harkins' Biography

Rep. Patrick J. Harkins (D- Erie) was born and raised in Erie, the youngest of five children of the late Bernard "Babe" and Rita Harkins. A 1982 graduate of Technical Memorial High School with a certificate in electronics, Harkins went on to study political science at Mercyhurst College and Penn State Behrend.

A former judge of elections in Erie, Harkins founded the "Reservoir Dogs" neighborhood crime watch program. Harkins is a member of the Northwest Pennsylvania Apartment Association and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Additionally, he sits on several standing House committees, including Labor Relations, Liquor Control, Education, and Children and Youth, of which he is secretary.

Formerly a driver with United Parcel Service for 23 years, Harkins has interacted with people from all walks of life in Erie. He and his wife Michelle have three children: twin sons Matt and Pat, and daughter Barbara.