Rep. Mike Sturla

The House Democratic Policy Committee (HDPC) holds public hearings and meetings across the state and serves as the catalyst to   enacting major policy initiatives put forth by members of the House Democratic Caucus. State Rep. Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster, has been   chosen by the caucus to lead this committee since 2009.  

The Policy Committee typically holds hearings outside of Harrisburg to investigate the local impact of certain issues and collect valuable expert input. Check back here regularly for the Committee's hearing schedule and collected testimony.

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9/13/19 – The Public Health Epidemic of Gun Violence – Pittsburgh

(Sep 13, 2019)

Materials from a public hearing hosted by State Rep. Dan Frankel. Read more

9/12/19 – Economic Impact of the Arts – Pottstown

(Sep 13, 2019)

Materials from a public hearing hosted by State Rep. Joe Ciresi. Read more

9/11/19 – Rising Costs of Prescription Drugs – Havertown

(Sep 13, 2019)

Materials from a public hearing hosted by State Rep. Mike Zabel. Read more

9/10/19 – Youth Perspective on Criminal Justice – Philadelphia

(Sep 13, 2019)

Materials from a joint public hearing with the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus. Read more

9/9/19 – State of Foster Care System – Exton

(Sep 13, 2019)

Materials from a public hearing hosted by State Rep. Kristine Howard. Read more

Ciresi, Policy Committee focus on economic impact of the arts

(Sep 12, 2019)

POTTSTOWN, Sept. 12 – State Rep. Joe Ciresi, D-Montgomery, today hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing on the economic impact of the arts at the Steel River Playhouse. Ciresi requested the hearing on the arts to learn how to ensure that arts organizations are financially stable, promote attendance and participation in arts programs, and determine what overall work can be done to broaden support for the arts. Ciresi was joined by legislators from across the state. “Today’s hearing was a great example of how we can work together to learn from one another in order to create policy decisions that benefit all Pennsylvanians,” Ciresi said. “With the information we have shared with each other today, we will be able to grow our arts programs and move towards an age of ingenuity, creativity and excitement. The arts lead to higher civic engagement, child welfare, and lower crime and poverty rates. They bring about social awareness and a better understanding of our cultures and the world around us. By introducing our children to the arts, and continuing to stay creative in our older age, we create lasting memories and the foundations for skills that can last a lifetime. In addition, the arts provide for three percent of the nation’s GDP alone, an $800 billion industry. When you consider traveling expenses and local merchants that benefit from strong art programs, the numbers begin to add up quickly economically too.” Read more

Rep. Zabel, Policy Committee discuss rising cost of prescription drugs

(Sep 11, 2019)

“We must get to the point where people who need medicine are able to purchase that medicine without the fear of going broke. The gouging of prices for life-saving drugs needs to be curbed, which is why I’m introducing legislation to cap insulin prices.” Read more

PLBC and Policy Committee listen to youth perspective on criminal justice

(Sep 10, 2019)

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 10 – State Rep. Stephen Kinsey, D-Phila., and the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus today held a joint hearing with the House Democratic Policy Committee on youth perspective on criminal justice. The PLBC requested the hearing to give youth an opportunity to express their views on the current criminal justice system. “I am grateful to the young people who were present for today’s hearing, as we are working to make changes to our society, including our criminal justice system, so that they will grow up in a better, more just world,” Kinsey said. “We know our system is flawed and unfair but hearing from the experts who testified today gave us invaluable information and insight that can be used to make much-needed improvements. I hope our young people know, after attending this hearing, that their voices are valued.” “Criminal Justice Reform is one of the important Civil Rights issues of our time,” Rep. Jordan Harris, D-Phila., said. “Additionally, many of our young people are affected by it as participants themselves or as a family member of a participant. It’s important to hear their voice as we continue to address this important issue.” The Philadelphia Community Youth Court sits in Harris’ district and is located at the Universal Institute Charter School, where the hearing took place. They were joined by state legislators from across Read more

Frankel to host policy hearing on gun violence Friday in Pittsburgh

(Sep 10, 2019)

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 10 – State Rep. Dan Frankel, D-Allegheny, announced today he will hold a House Democratic Policy Committee hearing this week on gun violence. The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 13 at the University of Pittsburgh, William Pitt Union Ballroom, 3959 Fifth Ave. Media and the public are invited to attend. Frankel requested the hearing to discuss ways to address the public health epidemic of gun violence in Pennsylvania. He will be joined by fellow state legislators, including Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. Testifiers will include: Dr. John Rozel , medical director, resolve Crisis Service, and president, American Association for Emergency Psychiatry. Dr. Deborah Moss , pediatrician and president, Pennsylvania Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Raquel Forsythe , director of trauma, UPMC Presbyterian. Heath Johnson , crime analysis coordinator, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police. Ross Watson, violence prevention program manager, Allegheny County Health Department. Councilperson Erika Strassburger, District 8, Pittsburgh City Council. Lee Davis, life coach and violence interrupter, University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health's Violence Prevention Initiative. Nicole Molinaro, president and CEO, Women's Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh. Read more

Howard, Policy Committee examine foster care system

(Sep 09, 2019)

EXTON, Sept. 9 – State Rep. Kristine Howard, D-Chester, today hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee public hearing on Pennsylvania’s foster care system at the West Whiteland Township Building. Howard requested the hearing to discuss critical issues in foster care with leaders in the field. Howard was joined by legislators from across the state, including Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster. “As a former social worker, I saw first-hand the negative impact of the foster care system on many children,” said Howard. “Too many children in the foster care system suffer from emotional, behavioral, developmental and physical issues that go untreated. These issues impact their lives long after they leave the foster care system. “I want to thank all of today’s testifiers for providing critical insights into how we can come together to improve the foster care system in PA.” Sturla added: “It’s critical that we have an open dialogue about issues within the system so we can come up with workable solutions that will improve the lives of foster children.” The committee heard testimony from Debra Schilling Wolfe, executive director, and Sarah Wasch, program manager of Foster Care to College Initiative , UPenn’s Field Center for Children’s Policy, Practice & Research; Frank Cervone, executive director, Support Center for Child Advocates; Maryann Piccioni , former Read more