PA creates better access to the ballot

(Sep 22, 2023)

This week, we recognized National Voter Registration Day! While America has seen huge recent increases in voter turnout, we still lag behind other developed nations in voter participation. The Census Bureau estimates that in 2020, 168.3 million people were registered to vote, which is only 72.7% of voting age citizens. Read more


How invasive species affect our health, environment, economy

(Sep 15, 2023)

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service estimates that we spend more than $120 billion nationwide controlling invasive species each year. Read more


Work still to be done on the state budget

(Sep 08, 2023)

As promised, here’s an update on the budget process. As you know, the Senate came back early to allow the finalized budget to be sent to the Governor. Read more


The cost of climate change in Montgomery County

(Sep 01, 2023)

One of the benefits of summer recess is that it gives me more time to meet with people and groups about policy issues and things that are often further on the horizon than the immediacy of many budget-related issues. Read more


Electronics Recycling Event

(Aug 28, 2023)

Electronics recycling event hosted in partnership with Reps. Ben Sanchez and Melissa Cerrato. Read more


Updating the Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program

(Aug 25, 2023)

Earlier this month, Governor Shapiro signed into law Act 7 of 2023. Formerly known as H.B. 1100, Act 7 is an expansion of the Property Tax and Rent Rebate (PTRR) Program for seniors 65 and over and those who are 50 and older and have been widowed or who have a disability. Read more


Resources and materials from last weekend’s IEP Roundtable

(Aug 18, 2023)

This past weekend Representative Melissa Cerrato and I hosted an informational panel to help families navigating the world of special education. Read more


The need for cyber charter reform

(Aug 11, 2023)

One of the pieces of legislation we passed in the House before recessing was H.B. 1422, an amendment to the commonwealth’s cyber charter school law. Read more


Budget impasse ends

(Aug 04, 2023)

On Thursday, the Senate consented to do their job and returned to session for the few minutes it took to formally send the budget to the Governor, allowing the finalized budget from July 5th to go forward. Read more


Local updates from Rep. Hanbidge

(Jul 28, 2023)

Having completed my in-depth review of the budget, I want to discuss more local matters. Throughout the year, my office staff and I have had many conversations with the municipalities which comprise the 61st. We often send out information about grants, liaise regarding PennDOT issues, and share information about events we host. Read more


Comprehensive update on 2023-24 budget

(Jul 21, 2023)

We remain at an impasse on the implementation of this year’s budget until the Senate returns to session so that it may be formally sent to the Governor for his signature. As I mentioned last week, both the House and Senate have voted in favor of the budget, but a petty procedural blockade by the Senate means that the spending plan, as well as necessary code bills, are in limbo. Read more


Senate Causes Budget Impasse

(Jul 14, 2023)

As promised, this week and next I’ll do an overview of the General Appropriations Bill, H.B. 611. The House passed this bill on June 5. Read more


Voucher Bill Stalls Budget Negotiations

(Jul 07, 2023)

As expected, the Senate failed to send a timely and negotiated budget over to the House before the end of our fiscal year. Read more


Senate stalls on budget progress

(Jun 30, 2023)

While the budget deadline is imminent, it appears that the Senate continues to fail on proposing a budget of their own, or voting on the budget proposal sent from the House on June 5. Read more


Hanbidge bill to strengthen menopause education among aging women passes House

(Jun 29, 2023)

“Empowering women to have conversations about menopause with medical professionals and their loved ones can help destigmatize this natural process," Hanbidge said. Read more


It's time for Pennsylvania to Raise the Wage

(Jun 23, 2023)

A full-time worker earning minimum wage in the commonwealth makes around $15,000 annually. The 2023 federal poverty level for a single earner is indexed at $14,580. Read more


Legislation benefiting veterans, seniors, families, and more

(Jun 16, 2023)

This week continues the trend of very busy session days while we await further iterations of the budget. Read more


June brings about House legislative action: Budget bill, property tax relief, Clean Slate 3.0

(Jun 09, 2023)

I am happy to share that the House passed some incredibly meaningful pieces of legislation impacting a vast number of citizens of the commonwealth this week. June is the month that we pass the budget, and since we are in Harrisburg much of the month, there’s usually a fair amount of movement on bills and on our priorities. Read more


Good Governance begins with Thorough & Thoughtful Legislation

(Jun 02, 2023)

Good Governance begins with Thorough & Thoughtful Legislation Read more


Firearm-related injuries are the leading cause of death among U.S. children

(May 26, 2023)

Firearm-related injuries are the leading cause of death among U.S. children Read more