Curry’s tow truck legislation passes PA House

HARRISBURG, June 4 – State Rep. Gina H. Curry, D-Delaware, said that her legislation (H.B. 2233) to exempt tow truck operators from state traffic laws and local ordinances while acting at the direct instruction of a law enforcement officer in immediate response to an emergency has passed the PA House with bipartisan support.  

Curry said tow truck operators have found themselves facing a dilemma when the retrieval or rescue of a vehicle from the scene of an accident requires an illegal action, such as traveling in the wrong direction on a highway. Even when directed by a law enforcement officer, such actions put responsible tow truck operators in a very difficult position. Curry said her legislation would alleviate the fear of legal repercussions that some tow truck operators face when trying to respond to an emergency situation as efficiently as possible.

“Our first responders need to lean on every resource necessary in order to help others with efficiency and safety,” Curry said. “There is no time for tow truck drivers to consider every legal repercussion they may face when trying to help our police officers, firefighters and paramedics. This bill will give tow truck drivers peace of mind that, as long as they are following the directions of a police officer, they can take the necessary risks to help others without penalty.”

The bill now heads to the state Senate for consideration.