The November 2020 election was the most secure in history, with record turnout across Pennsylvania. Before Election Day, county officials asked the legislature to make some small changes that would allow for a smoother process for voters at the polls and for the ballot count that followed. Republican leaders teamed up to deny those calls for improvements, and some went even farther by attacking and undermining the outcome by taking to social media with bogus claims or turning to the courts with baseless arguments. They cast doubt on our fundamental democracy.

After hosting two House Democratic Policy Committee hearings securing feedback from state officials, bipartisan county election officials, members of congress, professors, and experts on hate speech, House Democrats are taking action that will streamline processes, maintain security, and defend democracy.  

Legislation is being introduced to protect the security and integrity of each vote. These bills cut through bureaucratic red tape making it easier for individuals to lawfully and securely cast their ballot.

Voting should be convenient and secure; anything else is voter suppression.


OMNIBUS IMPROVEMENTS These legislative proposals take a wholistic approach to addressing concerns raised by county election officials statewide. These efforts would streamline processes for election workers while maintaining security.




Rep. Mike Carroll

House Bill 470

Bipartisan adjustments to the election code including updates to absentee ballot processing, voter registration, county drop boxes

Rep. Chris Rabb


Establishing rotating ballot positions for candidates


Establishing a pilot program to collect electronic signatures for nomination petitions


Requiring background checks for political candidates

Rep. Jake Wheatley


Modernizing Petition Gathering Process

Rep. Scott Conklin 


Make Every Vote Count - reforming primary voting eligibility

Rep. Joanna McClinton

  Comprehensive Election Reform Legislation


IMPROVING REGISTRATION AND MAIL-IN BALLOTS You already have the right to vote. Getting registered is the first step in the process. These proposals eliminate the barrier to that first step and make mail-in ballots more secure.  




Rep. Tim Briggs

Former H.B. 626

Voter pre-registration at 16

Rep. Mary Jo Daley

House Bill 1195

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Rep. Tina Davis

House Bill 808

Extending the absentee voting deadline

Rep. Ed Gainey

House Bill 205

Automatic voter registration

Former H.B. 2591

Automatic issuance of mail-in ballots

Rep. Regina Young


Pre-Canvassing Mail-in and Absentee Ballots

Let Voters Fix Their Signatures

Allow Earlier Pre-Canvassing

IMPROVING VOTER ACCESS These bills make sure voters’ voices are heard, regardless of party affiliation.




Rep. Ryan Bizzarro

House Bill 1053

Same day voter registration

Rep. Liz Hanbidge

House Bill 893

Voter accessibility

Rep. Jared Solomon

House Bill 894

Consolidation of the Election Code


Open primaries

Rep. Mary Isaacson

House Bill 892

Paid leave to vote

Rep. Tony Deluca

House Bill 316

Early voting


DEFENDING DEMOCRACY The following are additional measures related to the voting and election process. 




Rep. Tony Deluca

House Bill 317

Polling place buffer zone

Rep. Ryan Bizzarro

 House Bill 891

Requiring Politicians to Clean Up After Themselves

Rep. Joanna McClinton

House Bill 706 

Ending Prison Gerrymandering

CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORMS  These legislative proposals would  reform campaign finance measures and improve candidate transparency. 




Rep. Tim Briggs

House Bill 905

Requiring the disclosure of taxes by U.S. presidential and gubernatorial candidates

Rep. Tina Davis and Rep. Joanna McClinton

 House Bill 1039

Prohibiting Lobbyists from Consulting on Campaigns

Rep. Robert Freeman


Campaign Finance Reports for State House and Senate Candidates

Rep. Gerald Mullery

House Bill 852

Nonprofit Campaign Donations Disclosure

Rep. Peter Schweyer

House Bill 650

Local Candidate Campaign Finance Transparency

Rep. Perry Warren

House Bill 502

Campaign Finance Report Transparency and Uniformity - Itemizing Campaign Expenditures

Rep. Mike Zabel

House Bill 709

Stopping Pay to Play

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