Upcoming Press Conference, Town Hall, Township Updates, and More!

(Mar 10, 2023)

On March 18, 1963, the Supreme Court's decision in Gideon v. Wainwright solidified the centuries-old truth that having adequate legal defense in a criminal trial is not a luxury, but a necessity. Sixty years later, Pennsylvania is still woefully unprepared to represent indigent citizens who lack the funds to hire an attorney. In fact, Pennsylvania is the only state that fails to provide state funding for public defenders and uphold the decision rendered in Gideon. Read more


Town Hall, Township Updates, State-Related Programs, and More!

(Mar 03, 2023)

I know that we have posted the flyer for the last few weeks but do note our upcoming town hall meeting on the March 16. This is our first town hall event, but do not feel like you need to break your neck to get there. We will certainly be having more events like this going forward, where you can ask me questions or seek my support. They will come in large and small venues throughout the district. You might also see me or a member of my team show up at your door this summer to make sure you’re receiving the support you need. Read more


Town Hall, Township Updates, State-Related Programs, and More!

(Feb 24, 2023)

Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809. Frederick Douglass was born into slavery in February, 1817… or maybe 1818. Nobody knows for sure. Those two great men, a President, an abolitionist, white, black, friends and founding fathers, are the inspiration for what became “Negro History Week” in February 1926. Read more


Office Closure, Township Updates, and More!

(Feb 17, 2023)

Our office will be closed on Monday, Feb. 20, in observance of Presidents’ Day. Please note that other state-related entities, such as PennDOT, will be closed too. Read more


RSVP for Rep. Nelson's March 16 Town Hall Event!

(Feb 14, 2023)

On March 16 at the Free Library of Springfield Township (8900 Hawthorne Lane, Wyndmoor, PA 19038) Representative Napoleon Nelson will host a Town Hall, where constituents will have the opportunity to ask questions, highlight state-related issues they're facing, and interact with Rep. Nelson. Read more


Township Updates and Events, Mail-in Ballot Information, and More!

(Feb 10, 2023)

There are a few important items that I want to elevate to your attention, so this week’s email will begin with a few quick hits.1st & Goal: After the special elections in three Allegheny County legislative districts this week and a special state Senate election last week, the Democratic party will hold a narrow but clear majority in the state House as we return to session on February 21. This will have a meaningful impact on my ability to advance legislation and ensure that the needs and desires of our community are highlighted in our committee work. Read more


Cheltenham Township Updates, Government Services, and More!

(Feb 03, 2023)

I am certainly biased, but I believe that great communities must have great places to eat! We’re blessed to have a wide variety of restaurants and fast-food spots in this district offered by entrepreneurs and family-run businesses. Read more


The 2023 Capitol Scenes calendar is available for download!

(Jan 31, 2023)

The 2023 Capitol Scenes calendar is available for download! Each month contains a scene from our Pennsylvania Capitol, proclaimed as one of the most beautiful Capitol buildings in the nation. Read more


Library Updates, Info on Government Programs, and More!

(Jan 27, 2023)

Imagine the persistence that is required to overcome systemic oppression. Could you imagine the indominable strength that is needed to survive excessive force? When loved ones are lost to the violent abuse of power, how we remember and honor them becomes the lasting legacy that makes sense out of senseless brutality. Read more


Black History Month recognized in Pennsylvania this February

(Jan 25, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 25 – Members of the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus have sponsored a resolution recognizing February 2023 as Black History Month in the commonwealth, according to state Rep. Donna Bullock, chair of the PLBC. The Black History Month theme this year is “Black Resistance,” acknowledging that Black Americans have resisted historic and ongoing oppression, in all forms, especially the racial terrorism of lynching, racial pogroms and police killings. “From slave revolts to the Civil Rights Movement to Black Lives Matter, Black Americans have consistently fought for freedom, democracy and the very soul of this country,” said Bullock, D-Phila., who is a prime sponsor of the measure. “That fight meant resisting white supremacy, resisting police and racial violence, and resisting oppressive legislation and policy. During our 50th anniversary, the PLBC will continue our work to advance anti-racist and restorative legislation and equitable state investments that will improve the lives of Black Pennsylvanians.” Other prime sponsors of the bill are state Reps. Napoleon Nelson, D-Montgomery; Darisha Parker, D-Phila., and Ismail Smith-Wade-El, D-Lancaster. “The resistance is a part of who we are everyday in this country,” said Parker, who serves as PLBC secretary. “Until we know there is equity, equality and justice in public and private policy, institutions and in the eyes of every American, Read more


Library Updates, Info on Government Programs, and More!

(Jan 20, 2023)

Leah here. I asked to write the introduction this week because disability awareness, acceptance and inclusion are causes that I feel very strongly about (as does Napoleon!). Per the CDC, nearly 11% of our population in PA live with a disability and/or a mental health condition. People with disabilities just want to be accepted, respected and regarded as full participants in our communities. The Special Education Alliance of Cheltenham (SEAC) and the PA Inclusion Collective are working toward this goal. Read more


With new state reps, Pennsylvania’s Emerging Tech Caucus is ready to grow in 2023

(Jan 20, 2023)

The caucus has 21 members from across the state, and is aiming to advance state legislation around blockchain, AI tools, autonomous vehicles and more. Read more


Office Closure, MLK Day Events, Library Updates and More!

(Jan 13, 2023)

Last week I told you how the current House Speaker, Rep. Mark Rozzi, found himself being elevated to the role of Speaker. He and Republican Rep. Jim Gregory, both childhood sexual assault survivors, have spent years together, fighting to provide justice to other victims like themselves. Their partnership, mutual trust, and authentic friendship was celebrated last week as Gregory presented his friend with the speaker’s gavel. Read more


PLBC statement on police incident in Lower Merion

(Jan 10, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 10 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus has released a statement on a police incident in Lower Merion Township. “A disturbing video showing Lower Merion police pulling over a Black female motorist has surfaced and is being investigated by the department. The police interaction with the woman is disturbing but unfortunately not rare. Pulled over in a customer parking lot, the driver is heard asking for a supervisor before exiting the car. The situation quickly escalates, and she is dragged from the car at gunpoint, tased, handcuffed on the ground with her shirt over her head and taken to a waiting police vehicle with her upper body exposed. “The PLBC has been working on legislation to curb police violence during traffic stops, such as reducing pretextual traffic stops and tracking racial profiling and related disparities. Black drivers are more likely to be asked to step out of the car, more likely to have their car searched, more likely to be given a citation or violation, more likely to be detained and, unfortunately, more likely to have a violent encounter with the police as seen in this video. “We have for years been calling for training and diversity in departments so the officers who patrol the streets look more like the residents who live there, shoring up better police community relations and a sense of protection by police rather than harassment. “We have for years been working to hold law enforcement Read more


Winter Donations, Library Updates, SEPTA Route Changes and More!

(Jan 06, 2023)

Politics is messy. It’s a process with real world consequences, but it is messy. This week in Harrisburg, I and my colleagues were sworn in for our 2023-24 legislative term and elected a new Speaker of the House. It was messy. I suspect there may a handful of you that are interested in this drama. Read more


Nelson announces grants focused on traffic safety 

(Jan 05, 2023)

State Rep. Napoleon Nelson, D-Montgomery, today announced $763,950 in grant funding has been awarded to Montgomery County to increase traffic safety at key intersections. Read more


PLBC installs officers for 2023-24 session

(Jan 05, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 5 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus this week officially installed officers to serve in the 2023-24 legislative session in a virtual ceremony that included guests Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, former PLBC members Pennsylvania Lt. Gov.-elect Austin Davis and U.S. Rep.-elect Summer Lee, and other dignitaries, PLBC members and former members. Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania Judge Lori Dumas administered the oath of office. The following members were installed as officers: Chairwoman, Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila. Vice Chairman, Rep. Napoleon Nelson, D-Montgomery Secretary, Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila. Treasurer, Rep. Ismail Smith-Wade-El, D-Lancaster In her remarks as the returning chair of PLBC, Bullock recognized the 50 years since the organization was formed in the legislature. “This is a moment 50 years in the making,” she said. “We are sending folks to Congress, the lieutenant governor's office, all over this country to continue the good work that we do here in the General Assembly. Two years before the PLBC was formally formed, Black members met in secret. We are not meeting in the shadows anymore. We are doing the work. We are getting the job done. This year, with the largest and the most diverse PLBC membership in our commonwealth’s history, we represent Black, Latino and Asian communities across the commonwealth. While we center our policies on Black Pennsylvanians, we acknowledge Read more


Happy Holidays, Office Closure, Preparing for Winter Weather and More!

(Dec 28, 2022)

On behalf of my Harrisburg and Glenside office teams, my family, and myself, I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and a safe and pleasant New Year. Each new year brings new challenges and opportunities, and I KNOW that 2023 will be no different. I am grateful that I can spend this last week of 2022 with my family as we attend church services, bake cookies with our children and their friends, visit with my neighbors, and just take deep breaths as we marshal the strength to make 2023 as impactful as it needs to be. Read more


How I voted; High note: Thank you to the voters and election workers!

(Nov 18, 2022)

A lot happened on this year's final House Session days. Here's how I voted. Read more


PLBC installs officers for 2023-24 session

(Nov 17, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Nov. 17 – The Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus this week installed officers to serve in the 2023-24 legislative session, according to Chairwoman Donna Bullock, D-Phila. “Officer selection is our first step in making sure the importance of our voices is heard in Harrisburg and across the commonwealth at what is a very critical time in Pennsylvania and this country,” Bullock said. “I feel confident that as a body we will have success in moving legislation that addresses the issues important to us, and we will work to that end with intention and purpose -- fighting for equity, inclusion and fairness.” The following members were installed as officers: Chairwoman, Rep. Donna Bullock, D-Phila. Vice Chairman, Rep. Napoleon Nelson, D-Montgomery Secretary, Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila. Treasurer, Rep. Ismail Smith-Wade-El, D-Lancaster Established as an official caucus in 1973, the Pennsylvania Legislative Black Caucus was formed to empower Black legislators and to serve as an information and advocacy vehicle to advance the interests of Black, Latino and other Pennsylvanians of color. Many of the original members were afraid to meet in an open forum and had previously met in secret to establish a shared legislative agenda. Read more