Open Primaries Would Strengthen Democracy in Pa.

(Sep 22, 2023)

Prestigious newspaper editorial boards, Pennsylvania’s past five governors and more have voiced their support for open primaries. As representatives of the people of Pennsylvania, we must ensure everyone’s voice is heard.We hope our colleagues in the General Assembly will realize that bringing more people into the electoral system ensures faith in the democratic process. Read more


Support rises for Rabb and Solomon’s open primary legislation

(Sep 14, 2023)

Support continues to grow for voting access legislation authored by state Reps. Jared Solomon and Chris Rabb, both D-Phila. Philadelphia’s prestigious newspaper of record, The Philadelphia Inquirer, recently endorsed their bill to bring more voters into Pennsylvania’s election process. Rabb and Solomon said that the fastest growing group of voters in Pennsylvania are unaffiliated voters. Their proposed legislation would open primary elections to unaffiliated voters, which make up more than one million voters in Pennsylvania. “As a strong and established advocate of voters’ rights, I don’t believe there should be any one disenfranchised or a so-called second class of voters,” Rabb said. “Independent voters have a right to cast their ballot and be a part of the democratic process.” Solomon reiterated, “Opening the closed primary system in Pennsylvania would allow over one million more people to participate in the democratic process. An open primary system would go a long way to create more civic engagement, introduce fresh ideas and promote a healthy democracy.” Due to bipartisan support across the state, demonstrated in polling data, Rabb and Solomon are calling on the House State Government Committee to call this bill for a vote and move the bill to the House floor. According to Rabb and Solomon, 30 states have chosen to include unaffiliated voters in their primary elections, allowing voters who Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application (09/05/2023)

(Sep 05, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Regional Policing Assistance Program Who May Apply: Applicants for the Regional Policing Assistance Program may be any municipality – a city, borough, township, home-rule municipality, or county. Applicants may also be a public or quasi-public body, or its representative, duly authorized to act on behalf of one or more municipalities. All applications must be accompanied by fully executed Articles of Agreement or an Intergovernmental Agreement that establishes a Regional Police Department. Use: Funding will support efforts in establishing or expanding regional police departments that would improve the following: uniformity and consistency of enforcement across municipalities; recruitment; distribution and deployment of police personnel; training and personnel efficiency; career enhancement opportunities; enhanced professionalism; and reduction of costs. Funds: A total of approximately $1,000,000 in federal funds is being announced to support this initiative. Applicants may apply for up to $150,000 for the formation of a new regional police department or up to $50,000 for the expansion of an existing regional police department by adding a chartered municipality(ies). Application Deadline: September 6, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Legal Standing Video Read more


Pennsylvania working on plans to celebrate nation's 250th anniversary

(Sep 05, 2023)

“We are trying to do something transformational,” said Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Philadelphia, a cosponsor of the law and committee member Tuesday. He said the celebration can shape how we look at Pennsylvania’s past, its present in 2026 and future in decades to come. Read more


Pa. lawmakers consider moving up state’s presidential primary date

(Sep 05, 2023)

Pennsylvania is a pivotal battleground state and moving up the primary election will provide Pennsylvanians the political weight we deserve by giving us a voice earlier in the process,” Solomon said. “At the same time, Jewish Pennsylvanians shouldn’t have to choose between celebrating Passover and going to the polls.Kenyatta added that April 2 is also the presidential primary date for Wisconsin, “another battleground,” and neighboring Delaware and New York. Read more


Pennsylvania’s 2024 presidential primary could move to as early as March 19

(Sep 05, 2023)

Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D., Philadelphia) introduced a proposal with Rep. Jared Solomon (D., Philadelphia) to move the primary to April 2. This is the earliest that the state could move the election while still allowing candidates to begin collecting petitions to get on the ballot after the Christmas holiday. Read more


Conklin announces intention to consider Kenyatta H.B. 1634 and S.B. 224 to adjust PA’s presidential primary date

(Aug 28, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Aug. 28 – State Rep. Scott Conklin, D-Centre, majority chair of the PA House State Government Committee, announced today his intention to give committee consideration to both S.B. 224 (sponsored by state Sen. David Argall) and a House bill sponsored by state Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta. Both pieces of legislation would move up the date of the next presidential primary in Pennsylvania. "The democratic process is one of the cornerstones of our nation, and it's our duty to ensure that the voices of all Pennsylvanians are heard," said Conklin. "I am pleased to support the Kenyatta bill, which thoughtfully moves the presidential primary to April 2. This not only gives Pennsylvanians a greater voice in national politics but also starts the petition process on January 2, after the holiday season, allowing for a more family-friendly and inclusive timeline." Kenyatta provided his insights: "When I introduced this legislation, I’d hoped the idea would garner bipartisan buy-in, and I'm happy that is the case. Pennsylvania is a critical battleground nationally, and we deserve to be heard earlier in the process. We also need to be respectful of the Passover holiday. My proposed date of April 2 would put Pennsylvania’s elections on the same date as Wisconsin -- another battleground -- and our regional neighbors of Delaware and New York. I look forward to working with Senate sponsors to get this Read more


Solomon hosts ribbon cutting for Max Myers playground multi-sports space

(Aug 14, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 14 – State Rep. Jared Solomon, D-Phila., today hosted a ribbon cutting at Max Myers playground for its new multi-sports space. Last year, Solomon’s office was able to secure $100,000 for the city of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation to build a sports space. Solomon was joined by The Sports Creative Founder Joe Hewitt, Co-Founder and CEO Drew Chafetz, City Councilmember Quetcy Lozada and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation Interim Commissioner Orlando Rendon. “The new multi-sports space at Max Myers will provide children in northeast Philadelphia a place where they can socialize and stay active,” Solomon said. “I’m glad that I was able to secure this funding and work together with so many great partners to transform this space to benefit our community.” Read more


May 2023

(Aug 14, 2023)

District Office Lease $2000.00 Office Supplies $140.36 Postage/Mail $197.94 Telephone Services $7.67 Lodging/Parking $468.00 Meals expenses $41.88 Transportation $69.30 Session mileage $101.01 ______________________________ TOTAL $3026.16 Read more


April 2023

(Aug 14, 2023)

District Office Lease $2000.00 Office Supplies $363.34 Postage/Mail $160.28 District Office utilities $22.35 Cleaning Services $129.90 DO Desk Removal $300.00 Lodging/Parking $234.00 Meals expenses $92.10 Transportation $56.31 ______________________________ Read more


March 2023

(Aug 14, 2023)

District Office Lease $1600.00 Office Supplies $42.42 Postage/Mail $134.35 District Office utilities $803.04 Cleaning Services $909.30 District Assets $618.84 Moving Services $706.80 Lodging/Parking $234.00 Meals expenses $43.57 Session/Other mileage $648.59 ______________________________ TOTAL $5740.91 Read more


House members may soon post expenses online

(Aug 02, 2023)

“If we’re going to take accountability seriously, if we're going to take our role as guardians of public trust seriously, then we need to as an institution just embrace this change as a chamber,” Solomon said. “How we decide to govern ourselves reflects the democracy we want to hold out to the rest of the commonwealth.” Read more


Pennsylvania’s presidential primary conflicts with Passover

(Aug 02, 2023)

Solomon sponsored legislation to change the primary date, stating that he hoped voting earlier in the year would increase Pennsylvania’s level of influence in the national primaries. Read more


Opinion: A million reasons to open up primaries in Pennsylvania

(Jul 12, 2023)

In these divided times, it feels increasingly difficult to find common political ground on just about anything. But we – a conservative Republican from Lawrence County and a Democrat from Philadelphia – have come together to support a commonsense proposal whose time has come. It’s time to end closed primaries and bring back independent voters to primary elections. Read more


Pa. House Dems. roll out good government reform measures.

(Jun 29, 2023)

State Reps. Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta, both Philadelphia Democrats, called Tuesday for a suite of good government reform measures that included a citizens' redistricting commission; campaign contribution limits; and more transparency on the way House lawmakers spend public money. Read more


Solomon and Kenyatta introduce a series of good government transparency legislation

(Jun 27, 2023)

State Reps. Jared Solomon and Malcolm Kenyatta, both D-Phila., reaffirmed their commitment to good government and transparency by introducing several bills that would reform redistricting, campaigns and elections, as well as accountability after a candidate is elected. Read more


Solomon Working to Improve Childcare

(Jun 26, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon wants to make sure Pennsylvanians have a convenient, reliable way to evaluate the childcare centers they trust to care for their children. His legislation would update the Keystone STARS program to consider more factors such as work experience when evaluating childcare centers, helping parents to make better informed decisions. Read more


Solomon: Open Primaries Increase Voter Turnout

(Jun 22, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon says the key component to citizenship is the right to vote. In Pennsylvania, our citizenship is contingent upon the political party that we choose. By opening our primaries to independent voters we have the opportunity to ensure citizenship and the right to vote is open to all Pennsylvanians. Read more


Clean streets, thanks to WeLoveU

(Jun 22, 2023)

Solomon presented a citation to WeLoveU, adding his belief that cleaner neighborhoods are safer neighborhoods. Offering thanks to the volunteers were Joe Bell, vice president and market manager of Beasley Media Group, and Alex Post, WeLoveU’s director of global partnerships. Read more


Solomon Supports Transit System Growth, Improvements

(Jun 20, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Jared Solomon shows his support for legislation that would allow local governments in areas served by public transportation to generate needed revenue to expand and modernize those transit systems. Solomon calls the current regional investment in Southeast Pa. anemic and urges his colleagues to pass this vital legislation now. Read more