Hohenstein introduces local funding options for transportation

(Jun 20, 2023)

HARRISBURG, June 20 – State Rep. Joe Hohenstein, D-Phila., today hosted a news conference on the Capitol steps to introduce his legislation that would provide local funding options for transportation . “As we have seen this past week, when a transportation crisis occurs, we lean on our public transit system,” Hohenstein said. “SEPTA has stepped up with increased services while I-95 is being repaired. Now we need to step up and give it funding flexibility and give Philadelphia and its surrounding counties the ability to fully support one of the largest people-moving transit systems in the country. Local funding options are essential to the survival of public transit, and public transit is essential for our economic growth.” "I am proud to stand with my colleagues to support increased funding for public transit,” said state Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila. “Public transportation is a critical component to our economy as well as protecting our environment. The PA House Democratic Caucus is committed to fighting to make sure our transit systems have all the resources they need." “As SEPTA works to respond to the I-95 collapse with added service, equipment and staff to meet the needs of our city and its residents, I am asking council this week to approve a resolution supporting SEPTA and urging state lawmakers to increase their investment in public transportation and enable local Read more


Infrastructure, Housing, and Safety Funding Opportunities

(Jun 16, 2023)

STATE PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: Support Families of Child Abuse Victims Who May Apply: Non-profits that specialize in providing service for child abuse victims in Pennsylvania. Use: Implementation of a research or evidence-based trauma training to support non-offending caregivers of child abuse victims. Funds: $250,000 in federal Children’s Justice Act funds. Application Deadline: July 6, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency: PA START/STOP Project Who May Apply: Any private non-profit agency, any private for-profit agency, public agency, or unit of local government. Use: The PA START/STOP campaigns aim to increase awareness of the dangers of Opioid abuse, as well as to provide resources to assist parents and caregivers in promoting healthy behaviors among youth to prevent substance use in the first place. Funds: $900,000 in federal State Opioid Response funds. Application Deadline: July 10, 2023 More information: PCCD Website Pennsylvania Department of Transportation: Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside Who May Apply: Local, county, and tribal governments, transit agencies, schools, school districts, nonprofits, and small Metropolitan Planning Organizations. Use: Transportation alternatives, including on- and Read more


Waxman celebrates House passage of his measure to reduce cell phone bills

(Jun 13, 2023)

HARRISBURG, June 13 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today celebrated the passage of his legislation that would reduce cell phone bills for families across the state. “ This is about providing financial relief to individuals and families across the entire state ,” Waxman said. “ We all rely on cell phones for communication, work, and staying connected to loved ones. They have become an essential part of our lives, and it’s only fair that we work to alleviate the excessive tax burdens placed on Pennsylvanians.” Waxman’s legislation would exempt cell phone service from the 6% sales and use tax, as well as the 5% gross receipts tax. This legislation follows Gov. Josh Shapiro’s state budget plan and would save Pennsylvania families an estimated $124 million per year. According to Waxman, Pennsylvania has the seventh highest combined rate of taxes and other government fees and surcharges on cell phone bills at 16.62%. At this time, 68% of American households do not have a landline and rely solely on cell phones for voice communication. Waxman said lower-income households and younger individuals are more likely to be wireless-only. Further, 15% of Americans use cellular data on their smartphones as their only method of accessing the internet, as these families do not have broadband internet service. For more information, those interested can contact Waxman’s Read more


Treating gun violence as a public health issue

(May 12, 2023)

Dear Neighbor, The House was not in session this week, so I was able to enjoy some time back in the district, meeting with constituents, attending policy hearings, and garnering support for my recently introduced legislation. Read more


Lawmakers and workers rights groups want state officials to let Philly set its own minimum wage

(May 10, 2023)

“We are far beyond this being an economic issue, it being a political issue,” said State Rep. Ben Waxman (D., Phila.). “It is a moral issue.” Read more


Waxman celebrates Pa. House passage of The Fairness Act

(May 02, 2023)

HARRISBURG, May 2 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today celebrated the passage of The Fairness Act in the PA House of Representatives. “ It’s still legal in PA for LGBTQ+ people to be denied housing, education, or access to public accommodations based on their sexual orientation or gender identity ,” Waxman said. “ Today, the House is extending the same protections outlined in the PA Human Relations Act to ensure no one is treated like a second-class citizen. It’s time to protect all Pennsylvanians and create a welcoming atmosphere for people from all walks of life.” The PA Human Relations Act prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, disability, age, and other aspects of an individual’s identity. The Fairness Act would extend these protections to LGBTQ+ individuals and prevent anyone from discriminating against others based on their gender or sexual identity. The landmark 2020 decision on Bostock v. Clayton County by the United States Supreme Court ruled that an employer cannot discriminate against an individual because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. This bill ensures that this historic victory is codified and extends to Pennsylvanians. If signed into law, PA would join 23 other states in the nation that welcome and protect LGBTQ+ people. For more information, those interested can contact Waxman’s district office at Read more


Waxman: The Sixers have a new process, and they’re trying to rush it

(Apr 11, 2023)

Offering only snazzy artist renderings and grand platitudes, the developers behind this project ask us to trust them. Not so fast, I say. We need details. We need clarity. Read more


PA Forms First-Ever Jewish Legislative Caucus

(Apr 06, 2023)

Pennsylvania Jewish legislators and their allies are coming together to fight antisemitism and other forms of hate. Read more


Letter to Acting Sectary Schmidt on 2024 Primary Election and Passover Date

(Apr 05, 2023)

Dear Acting Secretary Schmidt:The published date for the upcoming Presidential Primary Election is Tuesday, April 23,2024. This is also the first day of Passover, a major religious holiday for those of theJewish faith. As you might know, observant Jewish voters refrain from work and theirregular activities to observe this religious holiday. This would include activities such asvoting in person. Read more


State funding for local projects

(Mar 27, 2023)

“It’s time to reinvest in our communities and return them to the same state they were in before the COVID-19 pandemic and disastrous flooding,” state Rep. Ben Waxman said. “This historic museum on Martin Street has been a source of pride for the area and is crucial to educating the public on local legend Marian Anderson. Her voice, concerts, radio and vision broke down barriers. Through her incredible work, she became a symbol of the fight for civil rights and desegregation. We have much to learn from her story and journey; with these funds, the public will now be able to learn about this local hero in a revitalized space.” Read more


Waxman applauds $400K from LSA grant

(Mar 17, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 17 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today announced that $400,000 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority has been approved for a Local Share Account grant. “It’s time to reinvest in our communities and return them to the same state they were in before the COVID-19 pandemic and disastrous flooding,” Waxman said. “This historic museum on Martin Street has been a source of pride for the area and is crucial to educating the public on local legend Marian Anderson . Her voice, concerts, radio and vision broke down barriers. Through her incredible work, she became a symbol of the fight for civil rights and desegregation. We have much to learn from her story and journey; with these funds, the public will now be able to learn about this local hero in a revitalized space.” The CFA approved funding for this project: $400,000 for PIDC Financing Corporation’s Marian Anderson Museum Repair Restoration Project to restore the historic museum located on Martin St. after sustaining flood damage during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Renovations include the complete exterior and interior restoration of the property on all three floors. Renovations for this project will include replacement of the roof, windows, doors, electrical system, install sprinkler systems on all floors and a new HVAC system. Lastly, plumbing, restorative design and protective museum and artifact enclosures Read more


Waxman appointed to Pa. House Appropriations Committee

(Mar 07, 2023)

HARRISBURG, March 7 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today announced that he has been appointed to the Pa. House Appropriations Committee. This announcement came the Monday before Gov. Josh Shapiro’s planned budget address for the 2023-24 fiscal year. “I’m ready to get to work and make sure we get the most out of our tax dollars,” Waxman said. “Let’s make sure that every child has an education we can be proud of. We need to give our children and workers more opportunities to succeed. I plan on forging a budget that holds larger corporations accountable while providing Philadelphians and their families with the resources and services they need.” In accordance with House rules, the Appropriations Committee evaluates legislative proposals for fiscal implications prior to voting a bill out of committee. The committee also plays a pivotal role in forming recommendations for budget and fiscal-related matters and is integrally involved in the annual budget process. In addition to the state budget, the committee also has jurisdiction over the offices of Auditor General and State Treasurer and the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority. Waxman has experience from serving as Director of Communications to Pa. Sen. Vincent Hughes and the Pa. Senate Democratic Appropriations Committee for nearly four years. In addition, he’s worked at multiple levels of state and Read more


Waxman celebrates the election of Joanna McClinton as PA House speaker

(Feb 28, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 28 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., issued a statement celebrating the election of state Rep. Joanna McClinton, D-Phila./Delaware, as speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives: “It was my pleasure and honor to cast my vote for state Representative Joanna McClinton to take on the position of speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives,” Waxman said. “Speaker McClinton has been at the forefront of change and leadership since she has entered the political sphere. Today, she continues to make history as the first woman speaker of the House. I know that she will keep the people and their interests at the forefront of her thoughts. I know that she will lead us as a person first who seeks justice and policies that help everyday individuals. This is a victory for families across the state. McClinton is the first woman elected to the position of speaker of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, and the second African American. She made history as the first woman and African American to be elected as PA House Democratic Caucus chair in 2018, and again in 2020 when she was elected as the first woman House Democratic leader. More information is available by contacting Waxman’s office . ### Read more


2023 Web Calendar

(Feb 14, 2023)

2023 Web Calendar Read more


Waxman celebrates Commonwealth Court ruling on state education funding

(Feb 08, 2023)

PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 8 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., issued a statement in response to the Feb. 7 decision by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court on William Penn School District v. Pennsylvania Department of Education. “One of the duties outlined in the Pennsylvania Constitution is that every student receive a meaningful education that allows them to succeed academically, socially and civically,” Waxman said. “This Commonwealth Court ruling gives power back to the students and educational institutions. All children deserve a fair and equitable education, and Pennsylvania Democrats have been at the forefront in fighting to resolve the education funding disparity for decades. I continue to call for fair and equitable education, and I hope that more of our education dollars can flow through the new funding formula to better every district across the Commonwealth, not only the wealthy few.” Commonwealth Court Judge Renee Cohn Jubilerer ruled that Pennsylvania schools don’t have the resources to adequately educate all students, and the gaps between richer and poorer school districts has rendered the system unconstitutional. Waxman said this decision is a landmark case that could reshape education throughout the state. The Public Interest Law Center and the Education Law Center , which helped represent the William Penn School District , hailed the decision as a “historic victory for Read more


Waxman announces more than $13,000 for University of the Arts from PA Hunger-Free Campus grant

(Jan 11, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 11 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today announced that the PA Department of Education has awarded Philadelphia’s University of the Arts $13,767 in PA Hunger-Free Campus grant funding. “Food insecurity is a major issue, and it’s preventing students who want an academic career from rising to those opportunities,” Waxman said. “This grant gives UArts the tools they need to ensure more people know where their next meal is coming from. We have to do more to provide students access to nutritious and healthy food to give them the best chance to succeed.” Through the 2022-2023 PA Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program, colleges with the PA Hunger-Free Campus or PA Hunger-Free Campus+ designation applied for competitive funding in an amount up to: $20,000 for institutions with 3,000 or fewer learners. $40,000 for institutions with 3,001 to 7,000 learners. $60,000 for institutions with 7,001 learners or more. The grants are awarded with the purpose of addressing food insecurity on campus, including expanding access to food options, creating awareness initiatives and upgrading facilities. The PA Hunger-Free Campus designations are reopened and institutions can apply. Designees receive a certificate of recognition and placement on the PA Hunger-Free Campus website, and they also have an opportunity to apply for future grant opportunities. More information is Read more


Waxman announces $40K for Thomas Jefferson University from It’s On Us PA grant

(Jan 10, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 10 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today announced that the Pennsylvania Department of Education has awarded an It’s On Us PA grant of $40,000 to Thomas Jefferson University. “I am thrilled that the Department of Education has made a significant grant to Thomas Jefferson University to help prevent sexual assault and violence on college campuses,” Waxman said. “We must do everything possible to support survivors and make Pennsylvania’s campuses a safe place for all.” Governor Tom Wolf established It’s On Us PA, the nation’s first statewide campaign to combat campus sexual assault and violence, nearly seven years ago and has made Pennsylvania a national leader in improving campus safety. The grants provide funding from Jan. 1, 2023, through May 31, 2024, to implement strategies on campuses to address goals of the It’s On Us PA campaign, which include: Improve awareness, prevention, reporting and response systems regarding sexual violence in schools, colleges and universities to better serve all students. Remove or reduce barriers that prevent survivors of sexual violence from reporting incidents or accessing vital resources by creating a more consistent, empowering reporting process for student survivors of gender-based violence. Demonstrate significant, proactive and sustainable leadership to change campus culture by Read more


Waxman sworn in for first term

(Jan 04, 2023)

HARRISBURG, Jan. 4 – State Rep. Ben Waxman took the oath of office in the state Capitol Tuesday to begin his first term representing the 182nd Legislative District in Philadelphia. The noon swearing-in ceremony marked the beginning of the 2023-24 session of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. Waxman also has been appointed chair of the Philadelphia Delegation’s Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee. As the head of this subcommittee, Waxman said he plans to use his expertise in government communications to facilitate partnerships with city hall, city government organizations and nongovernmental organizations throughout Philadelphia. The subcommittee also will work with state departments and other state-related organizations to develop and analyze legislation for the benefit of the city of Philadelphia, as well as the Commonwealth. “I’m honored and looking forward to taking on the duties of being a new member of the Pennsylvania House,” Waxman said. “I know that I still have much to learn, but I plan to make sure every one of my neighbors feels represented and heard. It’s time to get to work.” Waxman’s office can help with a variety of state-related services, including home heating assistance, children’s health insurance, and prescription drug and Property Tax/Rent Rebate assistance. Residents can find out more by going to RepBenWaxman.com . Read more


Waxman appointed chair of the Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee for the Phila. Delegation

(Dec 21, 2022)

HARRISBURG, Dec. 21 – State Rep. Ben Waxman, D-Phila., today announced that Phila. Delegation chair state Rep. Morgan Cephas has appointed Waxman as chair of the Phila. Delegation’s Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee. “It’s my privilege and honor to take on these duties as a new member to the Pa. House,” Waxman said. “I’m very happy to be able to continue fostering relationships within government across all levels to ensure the House passes policies that reflect the values of Philadelphians. With this new majority, I’m looking forward to voting on more of our legislation.” The Philadelphia Delegation Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee will facilitate communications with partners in city hall, city government organizations and NGO’s throughout the city of Philadelphia. This sub-committee will also facilitate communication with state departments and other state related organizations as they develop and analyze legislation for the benefit of the city of Philadelphia as well as the Commonwealth. Waxman comes to the Delegation with a wealth of experience as a staff member in city and state government offices and will leverage that knowledge and involvement to foster relationships between all levels of government for clearer communication, understanding and connection of efforts for a better Philadelphia. ### Read more


Philadelphia House Delegation unveils three new subcommittees

(Dec 21, 2022)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 21 – The Philadelphia House Delegation today announced the launch of a new subcommittee structure aimed to amplify the efforts and mission of the delegation in three specific areas of work. The delegation now includes as part of its components The Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee, the Philadelphia House Delegation Policy Subcommittee and the Philadelphia House Delegation Intergovernmental Affairs Subcommittee. Delegation Chair Rep. Morgan Cephas explains that the organization is experiencing a crucial reform that will translate to a boost across a broad spectrum of focus areas of their work. “We are all very excited and looking forward to the agendas of these subcommittees. It has never been more urgent to fulfill our mission as a delegation, as the voice of Philadelphia in the House,” Cephas said. “I must highlight that these groups are strategically led by an impeccable team of lawmakers who have made great strides in each of these territories.” Rep. Elizabeth Fiedler and Rep.-elect Roni Green have been designated chair and vice chair, respectively, of the Philadelphia House Delegation Labor Subcommittee. This group will evaluate legislation related to unions, the right to form a union, worker power, union membership and other matters relating to organized labor in the commonwealth. Fiedler has been a champion for labor Read more