Siegel releases statement in support of community feedback for Allentown’s rezoning plan

HARRISBURG, April 30 – State Rep. Josh Siegel released the following statement today regarding the rezoning of Allentown:

“It’s critical Allentown residents provide feedback to the city’s planned rezoning which has the power to be one of the most transformative steps the city can take to increase housing attainability and improve the building blocks of urban vibrancy. Walkable and dense environments filled with robust amenities such as green space and public spaces that foster community and close access to employment, healthcare and entertainment make the difference between cities which simply survive and those that thrive.

“In the legislature, I’ve been one of the leading voices around making our communities more attainable and reducing housing costs for our residents. Housing costs remains one of my top priorities and we can’t tackle it without talking about zoning. The restrictions it places on the ability of housing stock to grow to meet demand has been one of the biggest drivers of our crisis of affordability. The Lehigh Valley and Allentown hasn’t built fast enough to meet the demand of everyone who wants to call our region home.

“I encourage all of our residents to embrace these changes to our zoning code. This issue is about freedom and access, it’s about being able to live in the neighborhood and community of your choice without being constrained by cost, ensuring the children we educate in our city can afford to live in it once they graduate and help everyone from seniors to first-time homebuyers find the place they need. It’s about building vibrant neighborhoods and streets from Union Boulevard to Hamilton that are safe, walkable, exciting and open for business.”

Allentown’s rezoning plan can be found here.