Pa. House passes Siegel’s refundable motorcycle safety course registration fee bill

HARRISBURG, July 1 – The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today unanimously passed legislation sponsored by state Rep. Josh Siegel that would provide a refundable motorcycle safety course registration fee.

This legislation would allow PennDOT to charge $50 for course enrollment, but the fee will be refunded to anyone who completes the safety course.

“Since 1985, PennDOT’s free motorcycle safety education course has been instrumental in teaching skills, reducing crashes and saving lives,” Siegel said. “Motorcycle safety training is available across Pennsylvania for all levels of riders who want to learn how to be safe on the roadways. What is often happening is riders will sign up, but then won’t show up. This means that riders who would have showed up but could not get a spot in the class miss out on the opportunity. The refundable fee would cut down on no-shows so that the valuable spots in each class are productively used.”

Siegel also noted that enrollees who attend and get the refund, the safety course will still be free of charge.

The proposed change is supported by the Alliance of Bikers Aimed Towards Education (A.B.A.T.E.).

House Bill 2364 now moves to the Pennsylvania Senate for consideration.