State lawmakers announce $230K investment for middle school educational program

Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association has been awarded funding to implement My School in Motion program

HARRISBURG, April 20 – In the wake of the pandemic where more people spent time outdoors and pursued hobbies, including bicycling, state Reps. Tim Briggs, Ben Sanchez and Melissa Shusterman announced the approval of $230,000 in funding for an interactive educational safety program to teach pedestrian and bike safety laws to middle school students.

“This program takes the proactive steps of providing children with the knowledge and information they need in order to make wise decisions and avoid danger while on their way to school or while traveling with friends and family throughout the community,” Briggs said. “It’s a program designed to help increase safety and decrease the likelihood of a tragedy happening in our neighborhoods.”

The Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association has been awarded funding to implement My School in Motion, a year-round training program that will include parent and teacher engagement, marketing, online resource information, two large events and an audit program to assess walk-ability and bike-ability in the region. Briggs, Sanchez and Shusterman are board members of the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association.

“Unfortunately, not everyone grows up in a home with an adult who knows or is willing and able to teach bike safety and best practices,” Sanchez said. “This program takes the needed step of helping all the children in our community take a necessary step toward becoming responsible adults, and it reinforces safe behavior that could one day save a life.”

The funding for My School in Motion is just one of 64 projects announced Wednesday, to improve transportation alternatives and enhance mobility and public accessibility across the state. Of the 64 projects, 43 will be funded through the federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

“What excites me about this program is it will provide the teaching and tools children need at an impressionable age that they cannot only use but also share with friends and siblings,” Shusterman said. “The use of state and federal funds to keep our streets safe is an important step in maintaining and improving public safety.”

“We are very excited to able to implement the My School in Motion program to two new school districts,” said Rob Henry, the Greater Valley Forge executive director. “Thank you again to Representatives Briggs, Sanchez and Shusterman for their leadership and support of this program. As we have seen during the pandemic, it is vital that we have a robust transportation network and the knowledge of how to move around safely while and walking and riding a bicycle. The My School in Motion program will also give students a better understanding of their local communities and what is needed in order to have options for all.”

The Biden administration awarded $54.1 million to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation through the Surface Transportation Block Grant program Set-Aside or Transportation Alternatives Set-Aside. Before the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, only $18 million would have been available to the state. Find more information on these projects here: