Rozzi applauds state funding for Lower Alsace Ambulance station project

State's $45,000 grant will pay for roof replacement

TEMPLE, June 24 – State Rep. Mark Rozzi, D-Berks, announced a state grant will fund the replacement of the roof at the Lower Alsace Ambulance station.

“The need for state officials to support first responders has never been more paramount than during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” Rozzi said. “First responders answer the call, regardless of the time of day or circumstances. These men and women put their lives on the line to rush to the aid of any individual in our community who needs medical care.

“I’m thrilled state money can be used to help improve the structure that houses our front line first responders.”

Rozzi was instrumental in securing the $45,000 grant through the Department of Community and Economic Development for the Lower Alsace Volunteer Ambulance Association. The grant will be used to pay for the replacement of the station’s roof. The Lower Alsace Volunteer Ambulance Association has been serving the community since its founding in 1987.

“This grant is an example of why it’s important for the state to partner with local organizations,” Rozzi said. “When local organizations need help, the state can provide the funds needed to maintain vital services to keep our residents and neighbors safe.”    

Local schools, nonprofit organizations and small businesses are encouraged to reach out to Rozzi’s office for assistance in inquiring about or applying for state grants and programs. Rozzi’s office can be reached at 610-921-8921.