Sign the Petition to Scale Back the Expansion of I-80

Concerns raised over proposed Interstate 80 expansion in Stroudsburg

(Nov 10, 2023)

Democratic State Representative Tarah Probst hosted a meeting Thursday night at the Stroudsburg High School, talking about what she feels would be the negative impacts of the proposed expansion of interstate 80. Read more


I-80 Expansion meeting held in Stroudsburg

(Nov 09, 2023)

“We’re an historical district, they’re ruining livelihoods, downtown businesses, and we are going to go under if this project goes through,” said Representative Tarah Probst. Read more


Kiwanis Club adding accessible playground equipment to Stroudsburg, Eastburg parks

(Nov 04, 2023)

State Rep. Tarah Probst was on hand to celebrate the event and said, "It's great to have every child feel they have a place to go and play no matter what their ability is. It's wonderful for the community and the parents." Read more


Programs Now Open for Applications 10/31/23

(Nov 02, 2023)

Here are several grant programs that recently opened for applications. Read more


Probst: Make Your Voice Heard

(Oct 31, 2023)

With Election Day quickly approaching, Pa. state Rep. Tarah Probst wants everyone to make their voice heard by voting either in-person or by mail-in ballot, stressing how municipal elections can directly affect your everyday life. Read more


Probst Working to Deliver Fair Funding for Education

(Oct 31, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarah Probst discusses her commitment to fairly funding education across the commonwealth after decades of missing the mark. Probst also highlights her efforts to bring much needed reform to how cyber charter schools operate and are funded. Read more


Probst invites residents to discuss I-80 expansion

(Oct 27, 2023)

The free event will take place from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Nov. 9 in the Stroudsburg High School Auditorium, located at 1100 W. Main St. in Stroudsburg. Read more


Probst wildlife rehab center grant bill passes House

(Oct 16, 2023)

“Wildlife rehabilitators are essential in treating and temporarily caring for injured, diseased and displaced wildlife. They also provide essential education in order to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, which is a health and safety factor, and they promote stewardship of wildlife,” said Probst. Read more


Educational, Environmental, Public Safety, and Redevelopment Grant Opportunities

(Oct 11, 2023)

Here are several grant programs that are open for applications. Read more


Frozen mice, mealworms, flamingo food: The high cost of wildlife rehab in Pennsylvania

(Oct 04, 2023)

A bill from Rep. Probst would create a grant program to wildlife rehabilitators that would be administered by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Read more


Pennsylvania Legislation Seeks to Provide Grants for Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers

(Oct 04, 2023)

The proposed legislation is sponsored by Rep. Tarah Probst, who emphasizes the importance of wildlife rehabilitators in caring for injured and displaced wildlife. Read more


Committee OKs Probst bill for wildlife rehab center grants

(Oct 03, 2023)

"Wildlife rehabilitators are essential in treating and temporarily caring for injured, diseased, and displaced wildlife," Probst said. Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application (09/19/2023)

(Sep 19, 2023)

Here are several grant programs that recently opened for applications. Read more


Fall 2023 Newsletter

(Sep 15, 2023)

Read my Fall 2023 newsletter Read more


New bill would fund wildlife rehabs

(Sep 15, 2023)

State Rep. Tarah Probst hopes to change how wildlife centers are funded with House Bill 1522, which would help fund licensed wildlife rehabilitation centers throughout the state. Read more


When will Route 611 reopen in the Delaware Water Gap? Permitting process continues

(Sep 13, 2023)

For those wondering when Route 611 will reopen through the Delaware Water Gap, state Rep. Tarah Probst provided an update late last week — the National Park Service is still reviewing PenDOT’s application. Read more


State Grant Programs Open For Application (09/05/2023)

(Sep 05, 2023)

Here are several grant programs that recently opened for applications. Read more


Officials Say Cyber Charter Schools Are Costing Pennsylvania Taxpayers Millions

(Sep 01, 2023)

A child in an online private school costs much more to educate than if they were in a public school's online school. Area lawmakers, including Rep. Probst, point out, the school districts must raise taxes to pay the bill. Read more



(Aug 24, 2023)

PROGRAMS NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS: Pennsylvania Department of Economic Development: Keystone Communities Program Who May Apply : Units of local government, redevelopment and/or housing authorities, nonprofit organizations to include economic development organizations, housing corporations, etc., community development corporations, business improvement districts, neighborhood improvement districts, and similar organizations incorporated as authorities. Use : Multiple uses, including: Planning grants (address a particular need or circumstance within a community, undertake a study relevant to an identified need, or study the results of implementing a specific activity) Implementation grants (assist designated KC program communities in implementing critical components of their approved Five-Year Strategy) Façade grants (to stimulate private investment in properties, foster an attractive environment, and preserve the architectural heritage of properties and communities. The grant funds may be used for primary street-facing, exterior building improvements in a defined target area of a downtown or neighborhood such as storefront signs, exterior façade painting, design assistance, etc.) Development grants (available to fund a variety of physical improvements, see program guidelines for full list) Public improvement grants (available to assist communities in a variety of development projects to help Read more


Probst Calls for Cyber Charter School Accountability

(Jul 07, 2023)

Pa. state Rep. Tarah Probst comments on House passage of legislation to reform for cyber charter school funding across the commonwealth. Probst wants to end cyber charter thievery and says while this is a great first step, there's more work to be done to ensure all students receive an equal education. Read more