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A Post-Roe PA: Deceptive Practices of Anti-Abortion Centers

On September 6th, Senator Schwank along with Rep. Melissa Shusterman and Rep. Bridget Kosierowski will host a hearing on Anti-Abortion Centers in the Commonwealth. Anti-Abortion Centers (often called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs)”) are institutions that deceptively appear as legitimate health centers but take millions of taxpayers’ dollars to dissuade women from seeking abortions and other reproductive care. This hearing will shine a light on the deceptive practices of these illegitimate “clinics”, including their lack of regulatory oversight including accurate medical information and truth in advertising.

? Ashley Underwood - Director, Equity Forward
? Tara Murtha - Director of Strategic Communications - Women’s Law Project
? Abigail McElroy - Student Activist
? Cortney Bouse, MPH - Planned Parenthood PA Advocates, State Field Director
? Melissa Weiler Gerber - President/CEO, AccessMatters
? Kelly Davis - Executive Director, New Voices for Reproductive Justice

This hearing will be held at the North Office Building Hearing Room 1, 401 North Street, Harrisburg, PA

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