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Older Pennsylvanians and Coping With An Increasingly Digital World

Sixty-seven percent of adults ages 65 and older said they use the internet, but that drops to only 14% of seniors ages 80 and older, leading to a gap in access to many modern-day comforts the digital world affords. Pennsylvania lawmakers will host a hearing to ask the question: who is helping older Pennsylvanians bridge the digital divide and what are the consequences if we don’t?

Rep. Darisha Parker, D-Phila, will host the Democratic Policy Committee, Chaired by Rep. Bizzarro, and other members of the State House for the hearing on Tuesday, May 10, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. in Community College of Philadelphia- Northwest Regional Center, 1300 W. Godfrey Ave, Philadelphia. Members in attendance will hear from elderly assistance experts, advocates, officials from the Philadelphia Register of Wills, and members of the community.