Interaction of the Disabled Community with Technological Innovation

PHILADELPHIA, SEPT. 22-- The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing to explore the impacts technological advancements have had on the disabled community. The discussion featured testimony from advocates of the disabled community and technology experts. The conversation focused around three central ideas: the disabled community needs to be more included in technological developments, more funding is needed for organizations that support assistive technology, and legislation should be passed to break down certain barriers. 

Host + Testifiers

  • Hosts: Reps. Joe Hohenstein (D-Philadelphia)
  • Testifiers:
    • Tom Carasiti, Community Advisor, Vision for Equality
    • Kim Singleton, Senior Director of Assistive Technology Programs, TechOWL at Temple University
    • Dr. Shea Tanis, Associate Research Professor, Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities
    • Neil McDevitt, Executive Director, Deaf-Hearing Communication Centre
    • Debbie Robinson, Executive Director, Speaking for Ourselves

Agenda + Testimony

Media Release + News Coverage