Balance in the Rental Market

PHILADELPHIA, AUG. 16– The House Democratic Policy Committee convened a hearing in Philadelphia that brought landlords, tenants and housing officials together to discuss how lawmakers could strike a balance in the rental market. The hearing, titled Balance in the Rental Market, was hosted by Rep. Darisha Parker (D-Philadelphia) at Salus University’s Eye Institute in Philadelphia on Tuesday, August 16 from 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. Many of the testifiers discussed the economic hardships that the COVID-19 pandemic brought on both landlords and tenants, as well as property management and eviction rates. 

Host + Testifiers

  • Hosts: Rep. Darisha Parker (D-Philadelphia)
  • Testifiers:
    • Joan Preston, Landlord
    • Jeanine Taylor, Tenant
    • Derek Jolly, Landlord/Tenant
    • Bret Holden, Vice President of Leased Housing, Philadelphia Housing Authority
    • Catherine Califano, First Deputy Director, Philadelphia Department of Planning and Development
    • Andre Del Valle, Vice President, Pennsylvania Apartment Association
    • Osarugue Grace Osa-Edoh, Supervising Attorney, Community Legal Services of Philadelphia

Agenda + Testimony

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