Navigating a Post-Roe Pennsylvania: Providers

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 11 – Despite the fact that abortion remains legal and safe in Pennsylvania, testifiers explained the health care difficulties and issues now starting to emerge across Pennsylvania as a result of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision during a joint hearing involving the PA House and Senate Democratic Policy committees at Chatham University Thursday. It was the third installment of the joint Democratic Policy Committee's hearings on this topic. 

Host + Testifiers

  • Hosts: Rep. Dan Frankel (D-Allegheny)
  • Testifiers:
    • Dr. Sheila Ramgopal, MD, MA, FACOG, CEO, Allegheny Reproductive Health Center
    • Sydney Etheredge, MPH, President/CEO, Planned Parenthood of Western PA
    • Nicole Molinaro, MA, President/CEO, Women’s Center and Shelter of Greater Pittsburgh
    • Sue Frietsche, Founder/Director, Western PA Women’s Law Project
    • Dr. Marian Jarlenski, PhD, MPH, Assoc. Professor of Health Policy and Management, Associate Director of the Center for Innovative Research on Gender Health Equity University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health
    • La'Tasha D. Mayes, MSPPM, Founder, New Voices for Reproductive Justice

Agenda + Testimony

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