Fireworks Legalization - The Impact on the Community

Updates to the state fireworks law have had many unintended consequences that impact public safety and are putting a strain on law enforcement throughout the state and Rep. Jeanne McNeill hosted a public hearing to discuss what the legislature can do.

The hearing was held at 1 p.m. Monday, August 30 at the Teamsters Local 773 Union Hall, 3614 Lehigh St., Whitehall.


Host + Testifiers:

  • Hosted by: Rep. Jeane McNeill, Chair Ryan Bizzarro, and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee
  • Testimony by:
    • Jeremy Warmkessel, IAAF Local 302 Union President, Allentown Fire Department
    • Adam Perrault, IAAF Local 302 Executive Board Member, Allentown Fire Department
    • Michael Marks, Whitehall Township Police Department Chief
    • Concerned residents
    • Kelly Bauer, The Center for Aniimal Health and Welfare Executive Director
    • John Faisetty, First Presbyterian Church
    • Jay Delaney, PA Career Fire Chief's Association and Chief Wilkes-Barre City Fire Dept. President
    • Robert Brooks, PA Professional Firefighters Association EasternVice 

Agenda + Testimony

Media Release + News Coverage

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