Eviction Sealing: Supporting Our Renters


State Representatives Elizabeth Fiedler, chair of the Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People, and Rick Krajewski are hosting a virtual roundtable discussion on supporting our renters with eviction sealing. 

The roundtable will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 2 and can be viewed below or on the Policy Committee's Facebook page -- @ PADemPolicy. 


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Eviction Sealing: Supporting Our Renters

(May 25, 2021)

A hearing on supporting renters. Read more



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Protections for renters, eviction sealing focus of Wednesday virtual roundtable hosted by Krajewski, Fiedler

(May 28, 2021)

HARRISBURG, May 28 – State Rep. Rick Krajewski, D-Phila., is working on legislation to help people with evictions on their record and the Subcommittee on Progressive Policies for Working People will explore how eviction sealing would impact landlords and tenants. The roundtable discussion will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, June 2. The media and public are invited to watch online at www.pahouse.com/policy or on the committee’s Facebook page--@PADemPolicy. Media inquiries may be submitted via email to policy@pahouse.net . Subcommittee Chair Elizabeth Fiedler and members of the House Democratic Policy Committee will join Krajewski for the roundtable discussion that will include how current law negatively impacts tenants and protects bad-acting landlords and how the proposed legislation would tackle that using a commonsense approach to ensure Pennsylvanians have access to safe housing. Information about this and other House Democratic Policy Committee hearings can be found at www.pahouse.com/policycommittee . Read more



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Eviction Record Sealing

(June 2, 2021)

Legislation by state Reps. Fiedler and Krajewski on eviction records sealing Read more