Policy committee tours groundbreaking research incubator in Bucks County

Blumberg Institute is leading biotech center in U.S.

DOYLESTOWN, Oct. 4 – The House Democratic Policy Committee was in Bucks County Tuesday morning for a tour and roundtable discussion at the Blumberg Institute in Doylestown. Established in 2003 by the Hepatitis B Foundation to advance its research mission, the Blumberg Institute now offers lab space and serves as a research incubator for dozens of health research organizations.

“This extraordinarily unique space right here in Bucks County is home to important medical research that’s making a difference in the world. I hosted today’s event to give my colleagues a better idea of the groundbreaking work that’s happening in Southeast Pennsylvania, how it’s positively impacting the economy and what we can do in Harrisburg to support their operations,” said Rep. Tina Davis, D-Bucks.

Lawmakers toured the 150,000 square-foot facility and heard from employees to see what impact the Blumberg Institute has on the region, state, and country. It not only provides space for research and discovery, but it also actively seeks investors and assists companies with marketing and introducing life-saving drugs to the market.

The institute began with the Hepatitis B foundation as researchers worked to find the cure for the number one cause of liver cancer. Baruch S. Blumberg, the institute’s namesake, discovered the first Hepatitis B vaccine, and now the Hepatitis B Foundation is the world’s brain center on the virus, contacted by 20,000 patients a year for support and treatment information.

Today, the Blumberg Institute is a leading biotech center home to 43 different companies, some as small as one lab, others as large as four labs. It supports drug discovery, biomarker discovery and translational biotechnology around common medical research themes. 70% of US biotech is located within 100 miles of the Blumberg Institute.

“I want to thank all the organizations at the Blumberg Institute that took time to explain the research operations they’re working on and how they’re making a difference in the medical community,” said Davis. “I’m grateful my colleagues took time to learn more about this important organization in Doylestown and how we can help them continue to succeed.”

More information about the Blumberg Institute can be found here. Photos from Tuesday’s event will be available here.

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