Neilson introduces legislation that would expand automated traffic cameras into school zones

PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 16 -- With schools opening in the next few weeks, state Rep. Ed Neilson, D-Phila., has introduced legislation (HB 2276) that would establish a pilot program to expand automated speed traffic cameras into school zones within the City of Philadelphia.

“I have traveled throughout the city and state,” Neilson said. “The blinking school zone lights do not slow traffic down for children to cross the street safely. Many in the City of Philadelphia have been in disrepair for years and blink when they want and are not maintained.”

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, there were 63 traffic fatalities in the first six months of 2022. Neilson maintains that this expansion of the automated traffic program would be the best protection for children making their way to school.

“As public servants, it’s our duty to enact legislation that keeps people safe, healthy and improves their quality of life,” Neilson said. “The proof is the success of the current automated traffic cameras – expanding the program to protect children is the next logical step in making Philadelphia safe for pedestrians – especially our children. I call on all elected officials to protect our children that are going to and from school each day. Either fix it locally or we will fix it in Harrisburg.”   

Since the original automated traffic camera program, along Roosevelt Boulevard, violations have dropped 91%, and collisions have also dropped significantly.