Neilson applauds Shapiro signature to enact SB 37 into state law

“Paul Miller’s Law” would ban distracted driving

Today, State Rep. Ed Neilson, chair of the PA House Transportation Committee, joined Gov. Josh Shapiro as he signed S.B. 37, or “Paul Miller’s Law.”

The bill, named after a Pennsylvania man who was tragically struck and killed by a distracted driver, would allow law enforcement to issue a ticket when a driver uses their cell phone while driving.

“Today is a step toward mitigating a major safety issue when driving,” Neilson said. “Distracted driving has replaced driving while intoxicated as the most significant cause of accidents in Pennsylvania; I’m proud to work with my colleagues and thankful to Governor Shapiro for ensuring the safety of everyone who travels on Pennsylvania roads.”

In 2023, there were more than 11,262 distracted-driving crashes in 2023, compared to 8,330 alcohol-related crashes, according to PennDOT.