Merski: AI content disclosure bill clears House committee

HARRISBURG, April 2 – The Pennsylvania House Consumer Protection, Technology & Utilities Committee has approved a bill co-sponsored by state Rep. Bob Merski that would require a disclosure on content generated by artificial intelligence. 

Merski, D-Erie, said the legislation (H.B. 1598) would help individuals decipher if content was generated by AI by requiring a disclosure, thus allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding content they view, read or hear.

“AI content generation platforms are utilizing their vast capabilities to produce digitally altered text, videos and audio,” Merski said. “This has made it increasingly difficult to discern genuine, authentic content created by humans from AI generated content.

“This bill would help even a tilted playing filed by requiring content that is generated by AI to conspicuously disclose that AI was utilized in its creation. We live in an extremely fast-paced world nowadays, and this simple measure would help people avoid the pitfalls of being misled by dangerous disinformation.”

The bill now heads to the full state House for consideration.