Senate Transportation Committee clears Merski bill to help retirees with vehicle registration fees

HARRISBURG, Dec. 28 – The Pennsylvania Senate Transportation Committee cleared a bill sponsored by state Rep. Bob Merski that would raise the annual income threshold for retirees to qualify for a reduced vehicle registration fee.

Merski, D-Erie, said his legislation (H.B. 250) – which was unanimously reported out of the Senate committee – would raise the qualifying income cap from $19,200 to $29,906, with future annual adjustments tied to the Consumer Price Index. This would allow more retirees to renew their annual vehicle registration for only $10.

“This recent action in the state Senate brings us one step closer to ensuring more retirees are able to register their vehicles at a reduced rate,” Merski said. “When this measure unanimously passed the Pennsylvania House in late September, I reiterated that I would continue to champion this initiative until it reached the governor’s desk and was signed into law.

“This vital piece of legislation would account for the boosts in Social Security payments and increase the income threshold for retirees to continue taking full advantage of reduced vehicle registration fees.

“Getting this bill across the finish line would be exceptionally helpful to seniors living on fixed incomes who have worked and paid taxes their entire lives. Ensuring this bill is enacted into law will remain a key priority for 2024.”

The bill now heads to the full state Senate for consideration.